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Fire Touched (Mercy Thompson) by Patricia Briggs
Review by Gayle Surrette
Ace Hardcover  ISBN/ITEM#: 9780425256763
Date: 08 March 2016 List Price $27.00 Amazon US / Amazon UK

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In Night Broken, none of the pack got off easy. They lost some to death and many, including Mercy, were severely injured. They did gain one pack member, Joel who had been human before he was changed into a tibicena, a sort of lava dog, but mostly he's in the form of a large dog, a Pressa Canario. Mercy also lost her business which was destroyed by the lava god and his two tibicenas. So, now is a time to recoup, regroup, and heal.

At least that was the plan until a troll decided to sit in the middle of the Cable Bridge eating cars--contents and all. The pack gets called in and the fight is fierce, no holds barred, and the pack barely wins. They truly rack up the injuries again, but Mercy steps up and claims the tri-city territory for the pack, placing it under their protection. Now the political ramifications are coming home to roost including as the fae, other werewolf packs, and the government all believe they'll be able to take the pack down.

One of the reasons they won against the troll on the bridge was that Mercy had her walking stick, and Tad and his father Zee show up with a young child, Aiden. That helped tip the balance in their favor. And so everyone returns to the pack house to recover.

This is only the beginning. The pack is going to have to stop fighting among themselves and pull together to protect each other and the city. But, before they can get a break they are attacked by fae, who want something and are willing to kill to get it. Mercy and Adam have to figure out what the fae want, as well as how to protect the territory they just claimed. Not to mention the other groups that feel the territory belongs to them.

Nothing is easy and everything is political, tricky, and downright lethal for most of the characters we've come to care about over the series. (Don't worry if you've never read a previous book, there enough backstory to get you up to speed, but you'll want to go back and read all the previous ones because, well, they are that compelling.)

The story, as usual, is either from Mercy's point of view, or close enough to her to not matter. The action is nearly non-stop and the dialog is witty, humorous at time, and always perfect for whoever is speaking. The intrigue and politics keeps readers guessing who should be trusted, whether anyone ever tells the whole truth, and how could anyone thread the labyrinth of alliances, enemies, and misdirection. It seems like there is no one that has only one agenda item--everyone has something they want and a willingness to get it, with various levels of what they will do to get what they want.

In other words, another entertaining and edge of your seat entry in the Mercy Thompson series.

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