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Galaxy's Edge Magazine: Issue 18, January 2016
Edited by Mike Resnick
Review by Sam Tomaino
Phoenix Pick Paperback  ISBN/ITEM#: 9781612422954
Date: 24 December 2015 List Price $6.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK

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The January 2016 issue of Galaxy's Edge (#17) has stories by Jennifer Campbell-Hicks, Robert J. Sawyer, Lou J. Berger, Rene Sears, Janis Ian, Robert T. Jeschonek, Jack Skillingstead, Dantzel Cherry, Effie Seiberg, Todd McCaffrey and Laurie Todd, an interview with Joe Haldeman and other features.

The January 2016 issue of Galaxy's Edge (#18) is here with more good stories. I will review the ones with a 2016 copyright date.

The 2016 fiction in the issue begins with "The Bone-Runner" by Jennifer Campbell-Hicks. -+- Our narrator lives in a post-apocalyptic world. She and her brother, Skip, used to go into the ruined city to hunt for treasures. They had to wear gas masks and protective clothing or the poisoned air would change them into what she calls "ghosts". Her brother had become infected and now she hunts alone with her pet lion, Jewel. Her brother used to tell her the story of Orpheus and Eurydice and she takes that as a metaphor for the two of them, with herself as Eurydice. Nicely done.

"Full Skies. No Water" by Lou J. Berger -+- Our narrator must remove machines that allow a colony to have rain because they have not made their payments. He meets a little girl and her mother and gets a different perspective on his job. Good.

"The Press of the Infinite Black" by Rene Sears -+- Priya learned from her father how to reprogram people's bioware, mostly to do less-than-honest things. But his mind started declining and even a woman doctor they were friendly with could not help. Now, for some reason, she has been kidnapped by space pirates and cannot help him anymore. Why was she kidnapped? The answer completes her story. Nicely drawn character.

"The Little Robot's Bedtime Prayer" by Robert T. Jeschonek -+- In a near future, robots are programmed to look at their owners as gods. Many abuse that privilege. Our narrator is uncomfortable with that. But what should he do when he finds out his robot has been doing something behind his back and lies about it? Good resolution to this story.

"Life on the Preservation" by Jack Skillingstead -+- Kylie has been sent on a mission by the Old Men. She has to enter Seattle which has been preserved as it was on November 9. 2004 when the world had ended. It is thought this was because aliens had entered through a rift and caused a disaster. There are few humans left and life is hard. But Seattle is kept in a perpetual loop by the aliens using something called the Eternity Device. The Old Men want Kylie to blow it up and free the trapped souls of Seattle (including her great grandparents) from repeating the same day over and over again. But she meets one of those trapped souls and her point of view changes.

"Love Your Wolpertinger" by Dantzel Cherry -+- An epistolary tale told in short notes by a Wolpertinger, kind of flying bunny, to maintain his existence, even though the recipient of the notes, a young man named Andrew is the only one who can see him. Pressure is on Andrew to deny the creature's existence which will cause the Wolpertinger to vanish. Nice solution to the problem.

"Thundergod in Therapy" by Effie Seiberg -+- Zeus has been a bad boy and has been sentenced by the Court of the Gods to live a very human existence. But he comes into conflict with one of the new gods, Tekhno, the god of technology and has to find a way to deal with him. What he does is very clever in this amusing story.

"Confidence Game" by Laurie Todd (a Sargasso Containment Story) -+- Daryl is a rogue and has been caught by the authorities who force him to go on a mission to steal alien technology. This sets up a very fun story with some nice twists and turns.

Galaxy's Edge has a lot more than these: Good reprinted stories, an interview, columns, book reviews and a serialization. I recommend that you pick it up.

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