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Space and Time #125 Spring 2016
Edited by Hildy Silverman
Cover Artist: Karl Kofoed
Review by Sam Tomaino
Space and Time  ISBN/ITEM#: 0271-2512
Date: 30 March 2016

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Here is Space And Time #125 with stories by Scott H. Andrews, Justin R. Lawfer, James O'Brien, Michael Haynes, Christine Lucas, Wess Worth, Robert Pritchard, Thomas Broderick, and DJ Cockburn, along with poetry by Christina Sng, Michelle Scalise, T.K. Lawrence, Anthony Alan Brown, Beth Cato, G.O. Clark, Kristin Kirby, Anshuman Reddy, Jacob Haddon, and Prof. Yunsheng Jiang, an article by Stephen Euin Cobb, a review by Sam Tomaino, an article by Daniel Kimmel and poetry book reviews by Linda Addison.

The latest issue of Space And Time is #125, the Spring 2016 issue has arrived. I must also add a Full Disclosure, it has a book review by your truly for which I've been paid.

The fiction begins with "The Sadly Only Mildly Dramatic Tale of Sijo Uthwen" by Scott H. Andrews. -+- Sijo Uthwen of Lowest Eskamir loves to tell tall tales. But when he and his friend, Aryl Jidre, try to live such an adventure, it does not come out well. The author appends "apologies to the late, great Clark Ashton Smith" and this tale does seem a bit "Smithian" but it's also fun.

"The Pick-Up" by Justin R. Lawfer -+- A night in a bar that caters to people who have roots with mythical creatures. Melissa's roots help her turn unwanted suitors to stone for an hour. But an encounter with an old boyfriend with great power isn't easy. Amusing and fun.

"Adelio'sWindow" by James O'Brien -+- Vidal and Adelio meet in Havana. Not much happens. A bore.

"State of the Union" by Michael Haynes -+- A president is very typically dishonest about his promises. Amusing.

"They Came Bearing Dangerous Gifts" by Christine Lucas -+- Ancient Egyptian Imhotep, kept alive by science and magic, guards the tomb of the pharaoh, but he has another purpose. This is disrupted by soldiers looking for weapons to protect Cleopatra's Egypt from invaders. Things go awry but Imhotep has help from one of the invaders to do what he needs to do. Nicely imaginative.

"Frank's Head" by Wess Worth -+- Our narrator's boss's head is replaced by a fishbowl and things get stranger from there. Nicely bizarre.

"Xed" by Robert Pritchard -+- A time travel story involving going back in time to kill someone and prevent future deaths. Not particularly interesting.

"The Sound of Breaking Glass" by Thomas Broderick -+- Our narrator is a teenager remembering her childhood and her Nana who cared for her when her parents could not. She finds a glass ball on the beach when she is six and thinks it's a Sphere which can be used for time travel. She is told that it's not and time passes, much of it spent with Nana. This might have a predictable ending but it's so beautifully told that does not matter.

"Jack Liberty's Son" by DJ Cockburn -+- In nineteenth century England, Jack Liberty had been a boxer and now worked for Doctor Sempre who treated him well despite his African descent. He even took Jack's son Ezekiel under his wing. Sempre had a miracle formula that had beneficial effect for the wealthy and has given it to an English fighter who will fight a black French opponent. But Jack finds out secrets he wishes he had not. Good period fantasy piece.

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