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Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine – No. 25
Edited by Karl Johanson
Cover Artist: Karl and Stephanie Ann Johanson - Sun Dragons
Review by Sam Tomaino
Neo-opsis Science Fiction  ISBN/ITEM#: 1708-4865
Date: 26 April 2016

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Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine #25 is here with stories by Mary E. Lowd, Daniel P. Swenson, Guy L. Pace, Holly Schofield, Nick Aires, Ewan C. Corbes, Karl Johanson, and Lorina Stephens.

Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine #25 is here with new stories.

The issue begins with "Panda-Mensional" by Mary E. Lowd. -+- In the future, you need pandas to travel faster-than-light. Didn't buy it.

"Space Tagger" by Daniel P. Swenson -+- Bimmy is a young brat of a girl, deeply resentful that her mother abandoned her, and her father committed suicide. The Captain of the Station, her father's old girl friend, had adopted her but she resents that, too. She spends her time writing her name everywhere, including outside the station where she shouldn't be going. You can see where this will end.

"New Kid" by Guy L. Pace -+- Jack's father travels around a lot and he is always the new kid. He's learned how to deal with that, especially bullies. Could have been set anywhere. Nothing special

"Landing Day" by Holly Schofield -+- Our narrator talks about the anniversary day of landing on the planet. Okay.

"License to Live" by Nick Aires -+- Raphael wants to get his rickshaw license back but he hasn't so far. He starts talking to a woman in a bar, telling about an adventure with space pirates. Nice twist in this one.

"RestFit™" by Ewan C. Corbes -+- Ravid gets the job of being in someone else's body and exercising and getting it fit for its owner. He's not very trustworthy and is not very easy to like.

"When Every Song Reminds You of a Dead Universe" by Karl Johanson -+- Evangelicals try to convert the wrong guy and he spins quite a tale. Okay.

Finally, "Occupational Hazards" by Lorina Stephens. An artist has an assignment to draw a picture of a girl from a book. It turns out to be harder than he thought it would be. Amusing.

Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine has some good stories. If you like supporting small press magazines. Check them out at website (see link at the top of this review).

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