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Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine No. 26
Edited by Karl Johanson
Cover Artist: Ron Sanders: First Jump
Review by Sam Tomaino
Neo-opsis Science Fiction  ISBN/ITEM#: 1708-4865
Date: 27 April 2016

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Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine #26 is here with stories by Melinda Selmys, Geoff Gander, O.E. Fine, Karl ElKoura, Melanie Rees, and Hayden Trenholm.

Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine #26is here with some very good stories.

The issue begins with "In Memoriam" by Melinda Selmys. -+- Our narrator wakes up in an unfamiliar body and is referred to as "she" even though the body is male. The narrator wonders what is going on before coming to an important decision. Well done and poignant.

"For Old Times' Sake" by Geoff Gander -+- Frank and Sarah are having coffee and biscotti together and talking over old times. They were not lovers but did have a unique relationship which they miss. Nicely done.

"Adland Apparatchiks" by O.E. Fine -+- Deni Culture Management works to promote the relationships of tin-pot dictators around the galaxy. Dealing with such sterling characters, sometimes they don't get paid. Then they send out collectors like Ewa Gillers. She's good because she had been involved with such an organization herself. Her boss Les Deni sends her to collect from a tin-pot named Bolla in the tiny colony of Kominassa. He also makes her take, Joe Gordon, a new intern, who has been useless so far and he just wants to get him out of his hair. Joe is always apologizing which annoys Ewa but when they get out there and see what's happened, she sees something good about him. Good characterization and the end is very cleverly done. Very enjoyable story.

"You Just Proved Title Advertising Works" by Karl ElKoura -+- Matt Dreed is going to work one day but is intercepted by a man and a woman who make him come with them. They aren't with law enforcement. They take him to a building owned by Manumart and housing their Department of Internal Allocations. They want to know why he never spends any of his money. His answer does not please them, but they do find a way to resolve things. Another very clever ending.

"Timely Drop" by Melanie Rees -+- Jack's wife wonders why he left an empty bottle on the kitchen table. He's in bed, so she wakes him up and asks him about it. He says he didn't leave it there. Then, who did? The answer is very good!

Finally, "The Scourge of Humanity" by Hayden Trenholm. -+- Cuervo is a regen, a not-quite-human upgrade from an animal and treated with little respect. He's with a group of other regens in a remote part of the solar system, looking for a return by aliens called the Scourge who had wiped our much of humanity stealing precious resources from Earth. He gets a message saying that he doesn't have to be a slave. Whose side will he take? Another good story to end this issue.

I thoroughly enjoyed this issue of Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine and recommend it if you like supporting small press magazines. Check them out at their website (see link at the top of this review).

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