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Jupiter L: Herse October 2015
Edited by Ian Redman
Cover Artist: NASA
Review by Sam Tomaino
Jupiter  ISBN/ITEM#: 1740-2069
Date: 28 April 2016

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Jupiter L has a moon base on Herse with stories by Kate Kelly, Ray Blank, Jon Wallace, G.O, Clark, and Garrick Fincham, as well as a poem by Christina Sng.

With Jupiter L, we are on Herse and it is with a heavy heart that I write this review. Herse is the last of Jupiter's named moons and publisher Ian Redman has decided that this is the last Jovian voyage and the last issue of Jupiter.

The fiction begins with "Desiccation" by Kate Kelly. -+- Amos is the advance scout for his clan, wandering on a desiccated world, looking for more water. They live in hope that those that left them there will someday return and take them away. But Amos finds a new source of water and learns how things are. So effectively written, reading it will make you thirsty.

"Longwave Goodbye" by Ray Blank -+- Captain Drake of the Man of La Mancha has gotten himself in trouble with his fellow Non Conformists by accepting AIs on board. They are running low on food but answer a distress call from a United Worlds AI telling them another Noncon ship, The Handmaid's Tale is in trouble. Over objections of some of the crew, Drake responds. The point of view of the story changes to the AI Rose and things become clearer. Interesting story with good characters, Very good.

"Trailer Trash" by Jon Wallace -+- Li runs dumping operations on what is supposed to be a dead planet. An accident leaves her crash landed on the planet which winds up being populated by people who had accidentally been scooped up by the trash trailers. They live well because a lot of good stuff is thrown out with the trash. There is such abundance that they dispose of anything that is even slightly damaged. But Li cannot live in a place with such a poisonous atmosphere and works to get a way to leave. One incident makes that even more necessary. Good story with a nice little bit at the end.

"How I Kind of Help Save the Universe and Beyond" by G.O. Clark -+- Phil O. Davies is 71, retired and taking a walk in the park. He sees an old man sitting on a bench who says, "Did you locate me by my trail of pixels?" This is such a strange statement that Phil sits down next to him. His name is Ben E, Ben and his story of his parentage and a threat to Earth from space sounds crazy. But Phil helps him the best he can. Wonderfully bizarre story.

"Flowers in the Dust" by Garrick Fincham -+- Om a Mars impoverished by war, Tilda ekes out a living helping people with their filters which protect them from the Martian sand. She finds out that her services are more valuable than she thought. A beautiful, poignant tale to end an issue and a magazine.

Well, that's it for Herse! And that's it for Jupiter. I will miss this magazine and its unique stories. I only hope that Ian Redman will return someday with something new. And send me a copy. Ave Atque Vale!

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