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The Story Traveler by Max Candee
Review by Gayle Surrette
Helvetic House Kindle Edition  ISBN/ITEM#: B01DL34UVM
Date: 28 March 2016

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Haley Spade was a typical New York teenager, trying to get good grades and be tough enough in school to avoid being a victim of bullies. Her life was not great, but it was okay, mostly. Then her parents died. She was sent to live with her mother's parents. They were strangers to her as her mother never talked of them and she'd never met them before finding herself living with them in their mansion. That was okay, since they didn't know what to do with her either, so they sent her to an expensive private school.

This new school was different in so many ways that Haley felt like she was in another world. She was living in a dorm and trying to fit in. But Haley was a logical person, and when the other girls talked of the ghost in one of the buildings, she scoffed. They dared her to spend the night and Haley felt she had to accept the challenge. A plan was hatched to get her into the building so she'd be there when they locked up for the night.

It was turning out to be a non-event when she found that Oliver Slater was also in the building. They were wandering around between spates of watching TV, when they heard a noise. Investigating, they saw Mr. Dawes entering the building. Luckily, he went right to his office. But he was between them and the exit. They heard no sounds coming from inside his office and began to worry something might have happened to him. Bu when they opened the door and checked, no one was in his office. They want out and then they heard another noise outside the office. And the only place to hide was what they assumed was a closet.

But, it wasn't a closet. It was a door to another place -- dark and weird. And when they found another door and went through it, they were in another world, or maybe an alternate world. They quickly learned that things were stranger than they could ever imagine, and the danger was extremely real.

Max Candee mixes fairy tales and folklore with a basic quest tale. Haley and Oliver have to find their way home while trying to stay alive long enough to fix the consequences of a crime that had happened in their own world. A crime that had let loose a very dark and dangerous madman who wanted meet the creator of all the worlds. And their best weapons were their wits, their stories, and their sense of justice.

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