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Interzone #265 –Jul/Aug 2016
Edited by Andy Cox
Cover Artist: Vincent Sammy
Review by Sam Tomaino
TTA Press Magazine / eMagazine  ISBN/ITEM#: 0264-3596
Date: 28 July 2016

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The Jul/Aug 2016 issue of Interzone, #265 is here with stories by John Schoffstall, Dan Reade, Suzanne Palmer, Ken Hinckley, Andrew Kozma, and Robert Reed, along with the usual articles and features.

The Jul/Aug 2016 issue of Interzone #265 has arrived and it's got more of their unique fare.

The fiction begins with "All Your Cities I Will Burn" by John Schoffstall. -+- An asteroid slams into the Gulf of Mexico in 2042, but it looked like Earth would survive until giant creatures called Meteor Gods start bubbling out of the oceans. Our narrator has quit his job at a genetics firm because he was horrified at what they were making to combat the creatures. A stint in a militia fighting one of the monsters and the doomed romance of his captain and a beautiful woman changes his mind. Very entertaining story.

"The Eye of Job" by Dan Reade -+- Some time ago, a red column twenty miles high and ten miles in diameter appeared on top of most of Omaha. Five hundred thousand people were immediately wiped out. It has just stood there since and anything sent into it just disappears. Don, our narrator, is a therapist working for the nearby army base but he has been visiting abandoned homes for some reason. What he is up to is revealed at the end of the story. A haunting tale, effectively told.

"Belong" by Suzanne Palmer -+- Gwenna Thirty-Seven is a loyal, dedicated employee and soldier at QuanEngCorpDome, ready to do battle for them on Hichia V. But the display set on the back of her left hand is reading REJECTED. Where did she go wrong? A chilling little tale.

"On the Techno-Erotic Potential of Donald Trump Under Conditions of Partially Induced Psychosis" by Ken Hinckley -+- Seems we can't even get away from Trump even here. This alternates between excerpts from the titular study and a narrative about the researcher whose name starts out as Dr. Axsek Scinder (whose name changes as we go on) and his involvement with a spectacular woman named Dr. Tamara de Pravern. There also seems to be some economic crisis and severe air pollution. This seems to be while Trump is still referred to as a candidate so I guess it's not because of his election. It's got some amusing stuff in it, made more so by the academic language the excerpts are written in.

"The Inside-Out" by Andrew Kozma -+- Our narrator is one of a group of humans calling themselves the Unknown Knows. They have been whisked away from Earth by aliens called the Topoi to a new home called IO, the Inside Out, a "Dyson Sphere the Topoi had engineered as their home". The other humans are a woman named Bjorn Bjorn and another called Artemsia Chronis as well as red-haired fraternal twins Roam and Return. There is also a "Spider" called Anarchy, which seems to be a metallic creature. They are in an abandoned ghetto, accessed through the recreation of an old subway car. A strange, grim tale, truly bizarre.

The fiction concludes with "A Man of Modest Means" by Robert Reed. -+- A woman is telling us how different the man she has just met is from the other men she has known. She realizes that he is something different. He says he is an alien. The viewpoint switches back and forth from him to her as the real truth emerges. Nice development leading up to the strangeness at the end. Another great short story from one of the masters of the format.

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