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Galaxy's Edge Magazine: Issue 23, November 2016 (Volume 23)
Edited by Mike Resnick
Review by Sam Tomaino
Phoenix Pick Paperback  ISBN/ITEM#: 9781612423272
Date: 20 October 2016 List Price $6.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK

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The November 2016 issue of Galaxy's Edge (#23) has stories by Brian Trent, Ron Collins, Mercedes Lackey, Eric Cline, Rebecca Birch, L.E. Modessit, Jr, Jay O'Connell, Laura Resnick, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, David A. Kilman, and Lenna Likitalo, an interview with Harry Turtledove and other features.

The November 2016 issue of Galaxy's Edge (#23) is here with more good stories. I will review the ones with a 2016 copyright date.

The 2016 fiction in the issue begins with "Breaking News Involving Space Pirates" by Brian Trent. -+- Bradley Winterfig accuses retired space pirate Jolene Fort of breaking into his vault and stealing some of his treasures. She denies it and figures out what really happened. Amusing and clever.

"Ten Things" by Ron Collins -+- Our narrator has problems with his girlfriend, Manda, and makes several lists dealing with the situation. Okay.

"Sneak Attack" by Eric Cline -+- Radford Mueller goes back in time to just before Pearl Harbor and winds up killing his grandfather. Or does he? Nice little twisty tale.

"Songs in the Key of Chamomile" by Rebecca Birch -+- Jessica mourns the death of her husband, Rick. She finds a place that advertises "Death doesn't have to be the end". A beautiful, poignant story.

"Upsold" by Jay O'Connell -+- Ammon and his family are forced to leave the Fundamentalist Halcyon dome for New Frontier, but they have a layover in Terminus Station in Junction on the way. There, the young, na´ve Ammon, finds a very different kind of girl. Will it last? Good story in a very involved world of which we only get a glimpse.

"Achilles Piquant and the Elsinore Vacillation" by Laura Resnick -+- First Lieutenant Hamlet of the United Systems Starship Elsinore is convinced that Captain Will has been murdered and he is convinced that First Officer--now Captain Claudius--did it. What is the meaning of Will's dying word "Fortinbras?" Second Lieutanaant Ophelia is skeptical, so Hamlet calls in Monsieur Achilles Piquant, Master Investigative Prototype Android Model XZB-Q14 to investigate. A very amusing pastiche, with a surprising conclusion.

"Time and Not Space" by David A. Kilman -+- Mr. Rodenberg demonstrates his time machine to his housekeeper, Mrs. Babik but makes a slight miscalculation. Another amusing story.

"The Girls We Lost" by Lenna Likitalo -+- When a group of high school girls are killed in a horrible accident, our narrator helps a girl who was close to them deal with it, but not in a good way. A sad story of coping with loss.

Galaxy's Edge has a lot more than these: Good reprinted stories, an interview, columns, book reviews, and a serialization. I recommend that you pick it up.

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