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Space and Time #127 - Winter 2016
Edited by Hildy Silverman
Cover Artist: Brad Foster
Review by Sam Tomaino
Space and Time eZine  ISBN/ITEM#: 0271-2512
Date: 29 November 2016

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Here is Space And Time #127 with stories by Peter David, Mary Mascari, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, T.L. Huchu, Christopher M. Cevasco, Daniel Braum, and Walter Dinjos, along with poetry by Catherine Edmunds, Robert O. Harris, Jr., Denny E. Marshall, Mark C. Childs, Cristina Isabel, Tonya Liburd, and Mike Castro, a review by Sam Tomaino, articles by Stephen Euin Cobb and Daniel Kimmel and poetry book reviews by Linda Addison.

The latest issue of Space And Time is #127, the Winter 2016 issue, and I must also add a Full Disclosure. It has a book review by yours truly for which I've been paid.

The fiction begins with "Franklinstein" by Peter David. -+- This one takes the form of a letter from Benjamin Franklin to Thomas Jefferson dated June 18, 1776 when they were discussing the writing of the Declaration of Independence. Franklin is advising Jefferson to put in a clause critical of slavery and propose one similar to what we all heard portrayed in the movie 1776. He tells a story about an experience he had which involved Eramus Darwin (grandfather of Charles) in which Darwin proposes the use of electricity to bring someone back from the dead. It does not go well. The story is a good one, but I have some quibbles. Darwin is cast as a major villain and I'm not sure that is fair. Still, it's a very good story.

"Fairy Tell" by Mary Mascari -+- Our narrator has been taken by the fairies on the eve of her wedding and has been playing cards with them for a year. If she wins, she goes home. But she has to be careful about the way she does it. Amusing.

"By the Will of Wisp" by Jessica Amanda Salmonson -+- Our narrator is a young girl who has been taken by a religious cult who worships the god Twonk. They want to impregnate her with their god who will gnaw its way out of her body when the time is right. Understandably, she does not like that. Fortunately, she has an ally in a glowing orb she calls Wisp. Good fantasy.

"Contestant 107" by T.L. Huchu -+- Contestant 107 on the Zimbabwe television show Vision Voice is a human-looking robot called Tsitsi. She is very successful but that causes problems. The brothers who are her creators, each want something different for her and that results in a custody fight. Another good story.

"Bottom Time" by Christopher M. Cevasco -+- Simon is a doctoral student at Miskatonic University on a field trip to a Caribbean island led by his faculty advisor, the cultural anthropology professor, Dr. Mark Leigh. They are investigating a cult which rumor has behind the disappearances of some people. Is it all just a tourist trap? What do you think? Pretty good with a nice little twist.

"Rebbe Yetse's Shadow" by Daniel Braum -+- A young Jewish man who has lost his belief in God meets a woman in the subway who tells him about a group devoted to Rebbe Yetse, who has died. He encounters a ghost that looks like the Rebbe that tells him to kill his brother-in-law, Rebbe Tankel, who murdered him. What should he do? Very good story about a man's spiritual journey.

"The Coffin Maker's Son" by Walter Dinjos -+- In a small African village, Biko is the son of a coffin maker He wants to make Ifeoma his wife, but her father would not allow it. He makes a deal with the witch doctor to trap her but that does not go well. Good little horror story.

Space And Time continues to be the best of the "little magazines. Subscribe!

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