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Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine - No. 27
Edited by Karl Johanson
Cover Artist: Waves by Karl Johanson
Review by Sam Tomaino
Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine Magazine  ISBN/ITEM#: 1708-4865
Date: 30 January 2017

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Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine #27 is here with stories by James A. Conan, Jonathan Shipley, NJ Magas, Holly Schofield, Fiona Lehn, Alison McBain, Adrian Halpert, and Graham Brand.

Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine #27 is here with some more good solid stories.

The issue begins with "The Hold" by James A. Conan. -+- Fleet Intelligence Officer Adrian Mason, out further in space than any human as ever been is sending a report back to Earth through his neural implant. His ship had been captured by extraterrestrial slavers and the rest of his crew is dead or enslaved. What will Mason's fate be. Nice twist in this one.

"Khol Fusion" by Jonathan Shipley -+- Venda is one of the few humans on a ship sent to investigate the human colony on a planet now called Khol. It has a bad reputation with the saurian races in that part of space. Her and fellow human Coby find out what's up. Interesting.

"Customer Service" by NJ Magas -+- Ryan's life has gone downhill and he just isn't happy with it. He calls Life Core Limited who gave him that life. After some re-routed connections, he finally finds someone who can help him. Amusing.

"Blanche's Last Spike" by Holly Schofield -+- Blanche is the half-Swedish, half-Chinese daughter of a whore trying to escape that life in Eagle Landing where they are building the Canadian Pacific Railway. But she has another problem: a pain she calls demon fire that can only be relieved by silver or giving birth to a child. Interesting idea. Good locale.

"The Making of ENSEMBLE-B" by Fiona Lehn -+- Our narrator works as a welder on a colony space station. Everyone there has a name base on their job and hers is Bonds. The company model for building colonies is ENSEMBLE--standing for Energy, Network, Security, Elemental, Magnetics, Builds, Lights, Emerge. Some part of that system is failing and Bonds and her co-workers must fix things. Okay.

"Lucky Thirteen" by Alison McBain -+- Station Six has a morale problem. Eddy and Mike find a way to fix it. I won't spoil what it is in this charming story.

"Minghua's Curse" by Adrian Halpert -+- Minghua, the woman Zian loves, has acquired prophetic powers. But can she still have a nice day with him? Good.

The final story is "The First Hundred" by Graham Brand. -+- Jim and his wife Sunia are waiting to be transported to a distant planet by a method that involves being sliced up and reconstituted. It is not explained why. Things do not go as planned. Okay story.

Another good issue of Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine and I, again, recommend it if you like supporting small press magazines. Check them out at the website (see link at the top of this review).

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