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Kaleidotrope Spring 2017
Edited by Fred Coppersmith
Cover Artist: Tais Teng
Review by Sam Tomaino
Kaleidotrope eMagazine  
Date: 26 April 2017

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The Spring 2017 issue of Kaleidotrope is here. This one has stories by Shannon K, Garrity, A.J. Fitzwater, Cat Sparks, Iain Ishbel, and Bo Balder.

Kaleidotrope Spring 2017 is here and, it's a pretty good issue.

The issue begins with "Leg" by Shaenon K. Garrity. -+- Tony's leg is an AI prostheses that used to be attached to a guy named Tony, but a cloned leg made him superfluous. What can he do now? He tries a few options. Amusing and touching.

The second story is "And We Spake of Them Words Which Make You Goddess" by A.J. Fitzwater. -+- This is written entirely in a dialect, addressing someone or thing called a "goddess" after what seems to be a sort of apocalypse. If you like to be mired down in thick dialect, you'll like this story.

The third story is "Prayers to Broken Stone" by Cat Sparks. -+- A series of vignettes about a near future in which houses have been abandoned, small groups fight over parts of the Middle East, and various characters are on some sort of spying activities. A sad story of a possible future.

The fourth story is "A Scent of Happiness" by Iain Ishbel. -+- Our narrator has a job harvesting emotions which can then be resold. It's necessary "keeps the world breathing", but it's dangerous for anyone who interferes in what he is doing. We see what happens on one very eventful night as he goes about his business. Some real horror here and an imaginative story, very well told.

The fifth story is "Joining the Degreasers" by Bo Balder. -+- This is set in an alternate 1972, in which Nazi Germany had conquered Europe but had been atom-bombed by America. Also, Germany, the rest of Europe, England, and America had been devastated by a disease created by Joseph Mengele. Madder is a boy of Dutch descent, who had been drafted to become a Degreaser to kill the monstrous Greasers. He finds that things are different from what he has been told. A surprise at the end is not surprising but the story is a pretty good one.

Kaleidotrope is one of those magazines that must be read slowly and savored. Check it out at their website (see link at the top of this review) and enjoy it. And I won't even mention the absence of the horoscopes.

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