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Galaxy's Edge Magazine: Issue 26, May 2017
Edited by Mike Resnick
Review by Sam Tomaino
Phoenix Pick Magazine (print/digital)  ISBN/ITEM#: 9781612423586
Date: 25 April 2017 List Price $6.99 / $4.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK

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The May 2017 issue of Galaxy's Edge #26 has stories by Eric Cline, Edward M. Lerner, George Nikolopoulos, Ellie Seiberg and Spencer Ellsworth, Lou J. Berger, Robert Silverberg, Patrick Hurley, Emily McCosh, Kevin J. Anderson, Mercedes Lackey, and Larry Niven, an interview of Kij Johnson and other features.

The May 2017 issue of Galaxy's Edge #26 is here with more good stories. I will review the stories with a 2017 copyright date.

The 2017 fiction in the issue begins with "Air Quotes" by Eric Cline. -+- This is a truly unique conversation, but I won't spoilt it by revealing the participants. I'll just say that it's a very clever and enjoyable tale.

"Nothing to Lose?" by Edward M. Lerner -+- Rich man Lawrence Crawford goes to great lengths to get away from everything and frustrate his heirs. What he does makes us have no sympathy for the comeuppance that we know he'll get. We know there will be a twist and it's a pretty good one.

"Getting to Know You" by George Nikolopoulos -+- A very short tale about the time after sex for a young man and an older one. Even as short as it is, I saw the end coming.

"Carbon Dating" by Ellie Seiberg and Spencer Ellsworth. -+- The Internet becomes sentient and falls in love. It does not go well. Amusing.

"Finding Mars" by Lou J. Berger -+- An epistolary tale of a young girl doing something very stupid because she's upset with her father. Hard to find much sympathy for her.

"Exit Interview" by Patrick Hurley -+- Our narrator is being interrogated for something which seems minor at first but escalates. His self-justification gets more and more ridiculous but we do find out why. The build up for this one-pager is done really well. A fun read.

"Of Water and Wood" by Emily McCosh -+- Brooke must deal with the death of her husband Eaton and finds a unique way to do it. Poignant.

"Role Model: A Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. Adventure" by Kevin J. Anderson -+- In a world where supernatural characters are ubiquitous and not life-threatening, Zombie Private Eye Dan Chambeaux and Police Officer Toby McGoohan solve a murder at a cosplay convention with help from an unusual source.

"The Dead Guest of Honor Speech" by Larry Niven -+- Science fiction author Nathaniel Van Horne Bantry, Jr. is dead, but is revived to be a D.G.O.H. at a 2058 convention. You might make a few guesses who he is based on. The story is a very good one, not just a joke. It's definitely up to the talents of this great author.

Galaxy's Edge has a lot more than these: Good reprinted stories, an interview, columns, book reviews, and a serialization. I recommend that you pick it up.

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