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Abyss & Apex Issue 63: 3rd Quarter 2017
Edited by Wendy S. Delmater
Review by Sam Tomaino
Abyss & Apex eMagazine  
Date: 27 July 2017

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Abyss & Apex #63 is here with stories by Jon Rollins, Janet K. Nicolson, Brenda Kalt, Rich Larson, Adam Vine, and Jordan Taylor, as well as a Flash Fiction by Nicole Lungerhausen.

The newest issue of online magazine Abyss And Apex is #63 and it's got some great stories, as usual.

The fiction begins with "Another" by Jon Rollins. -+- Our narrator returns from a shopping trip to find his wife, Nikki, dead from rattlesnakes. He decides to end his own life by leaping from a high point but somehow doesn't die. Then he sees his wife driving home. When he gets there, he sees her making love to a man. Him. He seems to be in an alternate universe but he does not want to share his wife. Things get really bizarre then. Great story.

The second story is "Against the Grain" by Janet K. Nicolson. -+- Jenna finds out that she has Celiac disease, an allergy to gluten. Her great-grandmother also had it. But when she starts seeing visions, her grandmother tells her about another part of her heritage. Interesting.

The third story is "Egg Lilies" by Brenda Kalt. -+- Milla TaPo is an alien of the Vendan race living in what is called Civilization with humans. The egg lilies she produces are a powerful aphrodisiac which she supplies to humans. At an orgy, the Prime Minister dies from a heart attack. In the aftermath, Milla finds out just how "civilized" the humans are. Another good one.

The fourth story is "Spiked" by Rich Larson. -+- Our narrator is invited by his friend, Jasper, to a small party at his parents' reefhouse which is made of living coral: just the two of them and Cassie, a girl the narrator is attracted to. When they get there, he finds out the real agenda of both of them and it's not good. An unsettling look at how things might get worse in the near future.

The fifth story is "Go Outside" by Adam Vine. -+- Our narrator has been invited to meet a tremendously advanced extraterrestrial civilization. They have everything, but a hole called the Bore is "swallowing the land, and the forest, and the sea". It will swallow them. But our narrator has something they lost that might save them. Interesting idea.

The sixth story is "The Girl in the Shrine on Mount Osore" by Jordan Taylor. -+- A Chinese Fairy Tale. To repay a debt, a samurai must give his daughter to a monkey-demon. But she is a resourceful girl. A very rich fantasy.

The Flash Fiction story is "Urgent: Lost Bekip" by Nicole Lungerhausen. -+- The aliens have given humanity transporter technology but their pets called "bekips" cause some problems. An epistolary tale told in a series of internet posts. Amusing.

The 63rd issue of Abyss and Apex is, as always, a joy to read. It is well-worth checking out (see the link to their website at the top of this review). They fund themselves with PayPal donations and subscriptions. Give them your support!

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