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Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine - No. 28
Edited by Karl Johanson
Cover Artist: Karl Johanson
Review by Sam Tomaino
Neo-opsis Magazine  ISBN/ITEM#: 1708-4865
Date: 27 September 2017

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Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine #28 is here with stories by Ron Friedman, Hall Jameson, Barbara Davies, J.Y.T. Kennedy, Robert Dawson, Julie Frost, Corey J. White, and Lee Widener.

Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine #28 is here with eight new stories.

The issue begins with "Dissonance" by Ron Friedman. -+- Justin Harris and Alexia Wu have just landed on Mars and are about to be the first people from Earth to walk on it. But running towards them is someone who appears human, warning them of an alien invasion and an anti-matter bomb, Things get even stranger from there. A bit of a wild ride.

"Hindsight" by Hall Jameson -+- Our narrator buys a chip that is supposed to be unreadable but reportedly was taken from a bear that witnessed the destruction of Yellowstone Park and a good part of the United States. The narrator's family died in that explosion and she bears some guilt that they were there. When she is able to view it, she finds something shocking. Well-told with our narrator coming across as a real person.

"Time Beasts" by Barbara Davies -+- Tuca is scavenging in the City, a place that appeared out of nowhere fifteen years ago during what is called the Great Storm. It's some sort of disturbance in space and time that comes and goes. People have been caught in the middle of it and either disappeared (like her friend, Cayo), maimed (like her father), or killed (like her brother). But on this trip, she finds something special. Good story.

"Broken Dishes" by J.Y.T. Kennedy -+- Our narrator has been working as a pathologist and taking advantage of young people with magical powers, using them to keep herself young. But her latest patient, Alisha, turns out to know more of what to do. Perfect ending to this one!

"The Flight of the Osprey" by Robert Dawson -+- In late nineteenth-century steampunk Canada, Eilie Mackensie is dying of cancer. But a former lover comes to her and asks if she could use her airship, the Osprey to bring down a terrorist before he makes what is essentially a nuclear attack. A great story of heroism and sacrifice.

"Wild Irish Rose" by Julie Frost -+- Our narrator comes home after an ill-advised walk on the night of a full moon. She had been attacked by a werewolf. Her dog, Rosie, is initially scared of her but they come to an understanding. Amusing.

"Fuschia Thought" by Corey J. White -+- In a brief tale, mostly told through neural links, Hamid helps his friends escape their pursuers out into the Kuiper belt. Okay.

"He Was So Old" by Lee Widener -+- In a world after a nuclear war, Squint is out scavenging and finds a little boy she calls Skinny. She tells him about the Old Man she lived with and all that he remembers from before the war. They fight marauders called Wolf Packs and Squint finds her way home. You might guess how this end but the author does well with it.

Another good issue of Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine and I, again, recommend it if you like supporting small press magazines. Check them out at their website (see link at the top of this review).

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