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Interzone #272-–Sep/Oct 2017
Edited by Andy Cox
Cover Artist: Dave Senecal
Review by Sam Tomaino
TTA Press Magazine  ISBN/ITEM#: 0264-3596
Date: 28 September 2017

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The Sep/Oct 2017 issue of Interzone #272 is here with stories by Aliya Whiteley, Paul Jessup, T.R. Napper, and Erika Satifka, along with the usual articles and features.

The Sep/Oct 2017 issue of Interzone #272 has arrived with some great stories.

The fiction begins with the novelette "Blessings Erupt" by Aliya Whiteley. -+- After a nuclear war, Hope is one of the survivors that has acquired the power to eat plastic and the tumors caused by the war. It makes her very large. People buy things by agreeing to work for years for either the Red Gathering or the Blue Collective. The poisons that Hope has ingested have poisoned both her body and mind. What can she pass on to her apprentice? A good tale to start the issue.

"The Music of Ghosts" by Paul Jessup -+- To escape a doomed Earth, a craft is created to carry humanity to the Pleiades to their new home. Personalities of the dead are re-created and love still flourishes. Just okay.

"Ghosts of a Neon God" by T.R. Napper -+- Colin Charles and Jackson Nguyen are two petty thieves in a near-future Melbourne. One night, while stealing a motorcycle, they encounter a Chinese woman who asks them for help, from whom is not clear. Colin just steals her shoes. But that sets the police and a special officer, also Chinese, after them for some reason that is also not clear. Good future noir tale.

The fiction concludes with the novelette "The Goddess of the Highway" by Erika Satifka. -+- In a near future, a mist had descended on Earth wiping out much of people's cognitive abilities but one group had developed plates to attach to people's heads which compensates for it. But there is a class system with Platinum at the top (the ruling class) and Plastic at the bottom where people were only barely able to think at all. Spike, real name Pamela Jane Stanton, is a Platinum masquerading as an Iron. She thinks her father was part of a group that released the mist. Harper Jones is a Plastic, working as a truck driver who has visions of a woman he calls the Goddess of the Highway. When Spike meets Harp, she sees her chance to change things. Interesting look at the culture spawned by all this. Well-drawn characters. Well-told story.

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