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Space and Time #129 Summer 2017
Edited by Hildy Silverman
Cover Artist: Gail Cross
Review by Sam Tomaino
Space and Time Magazine (print/digital)  ISBN/ITEM#: 0271-2512
Date: 29 September 2017

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Here is Space And Time #129 with stories by Paul Michael Anderson, Dan Reade, Barton Paul Levenson, David Murphy, J. Monell, Gordon Linzner, and Wole Talabi, along with poetry by C.H. Lindsay, Christina Sng, Annette Schlichter, and Conner Rice, a review by Sam Tomaino, articles by Mary Fan and Daniel Kimmel, and poetry book reviews by Linda Addison.

The latest issue of Space And Time is #129, the Summer 2017 issue and I must also add a Full Disclosure. It has a book review by yours truly for which I've been paid.

The fiction begins with "How I Became a Cryptid Straight Out of a 1970s Horror Movie" by Paul Michael Anderson. -+- Our narrator was just lighting a cigarette when his lungs fill with water. What is happening? We get a quick flashback of him trying to pick up a girl in a bar and then we find out. He has been turned into the nearby lake. And he's hungry. He consumes the fish, ducks, etcetera and then moves on to bigger things. Nicely horrific tale with a great last line.

"In Loco Mechanus" by Dan Reade -+- Jesse's mother had died and all he has is the android, Martin, to do some of the things she did. But, now, Martin, is running down and he can't get replacement chips. A sad, bittersweet tale that touched my heart.

"Buttons" by Barton Paul Levenson -+- Doc Joey Segal is part of the salvage crew of the Royal Pallas. They had rescued him when the omnipotent aliens everyone called the Deities indifferently vented the city-state called the Republic of Lemuria that his wife and daughter lived on, killing them and everyone else. So when the crew winds up encountering one, things do not go well. Great story with great characters. I'd like to see more stories with these people.

"The Street" by David Murphy -+- Our narrator has an episode in which he can hear nothing outside and the street is deserted. It happens again. The third time is the real horror with the end of this truly chilling.

"Girl Gone Wrong" by J. Monell -+- Remi's parents had emigrated to the space station Quest in search of a better life but immigrants were treated like garbage and the Firsts ruled. Remi gets involved with Cristian, a rebellious first, and he gets her to use her hacking skills for what starts out as minor acts of sabotage. Another great story.

"Settling" by Gordon Linzner -+- Eileen is overweight and middle-aged and had had a lot of men. But she meets Mickey, skinny and in his mid-thirties who likes her and they hit it off. But it's when he takes her home to meet his family that she learns the real truth. Nice little twist in a truly bizarre tale from the founder of this magazine

"Nneoma" by Wole Talabi -+- Our narrator begins the story telling us that he is dead. How did this happen? He tells us that he, a married man, meets an incredibly beautiful woman in a bar in Lagos. She only asks that he not lie to her. They go up to a luxury suite and make passionate love all night. The next morning, he tells her he loves her and she accuses him of lying. She tells him her name is Nneoma and says, "To love is to die!" That is only the beginning of the horror. Truly unsettling.

Space And Time continues to be the best of the "little" magazines. Subscribe!

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