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Interzone #195 by Andy Cox (ed)
Review by Sam Tomaino
TTA Press Magazine  ISBN/ITEM#: 02643596-1
Date: Nov/Dec 2004 / Pub Info / Table of Contents /

Interzone 195 (November/December 2004)

Enta Geweorc by Nicholas Waller
Problem Project by Hugh A.D. Spencer
Redemption, Drawing Near by Michael J. Jasper
When You Visit the Magoebaskloof Hotel, Be Certain Not to Miss the Samango Monkeys by Elizabeth Bear
Cry of the Soul by David Memmott

Ansible Link by David Langford
Mutant Popcorn by Nick Lowe
Film reviews
Anime-ted by Andrew Osmond
Anime and Manga
Editorial and feedback
Interlocutions: Book Reviews
Interview: Blades and Broken Bottles: Ken MacLeod
Artwork: Cover ? Redemption, Drawing Near ? Cry of the Soul Edward Noon
Enta Geweorc Krzysztof Biernacki
Problem Project Richard Bartrop
When You Visit the Magoesblakoof Hotel . . . Josh Finney & Kat Rocha
The November/December issue of Interzone has some fine stories but one stands out. "Enta Geweorc" by Nicholas Waller is a grim but facinating tale of Earth after a devastating war. A man named Peter Collard pilots the ship that he calls Alfred The Great above the devastated landscape of his old home in Wessex. We are told that there has been a world war. It started when the cities of Bristol, Chicago and Frankfurt were destroyed in what was first thought an attack on the ?North Atlantic Treaty Union? by "Chinasia". In retaliation, he destroys Chinasian settlements on Titan. The resulting "Natu-Chinasia War" soon becomes a war by both sides AI weapons against humanity. Collard leaves his ship and tours his old home, thinking of a girl named Jillian and better times and quoting Old English poetry (from which, I assume, the title comes) . He does meet some survivors. The novelette is atmospheric and ironic and will be on my list of potential Hugo nominees for 2004.

The other stories are worth reading also. ?Redemption, Drawing Near? by Michael J. Jasper involves a Catholic priest in Chicago who winds up being the one individual who can communicate with the alien Wannoshay who have come to Earth. Can he make their story clear to his people? ?When You Visit the Magoebaskllof Hotel, Be Certain Not to Miss the Samango Monkeys? is a short story by Elizabeth Bear about a woman who must communicate with an alien culture on a world that humanity must be able to inhabit to survive. How she does it is something unexpected. In ?Problem Project?, a short story by Hugh A.D. Spencer, a man has nightmares of numerous end-of-the-world scenarios. Aliens intervene but don?t get your hopes up. My least favorite story was ?Cry of the Soul? by David Memmott. It involves Bennie, a descendant of the Mayas, and how he gets back to his roots after being corrupted by shallow modern culture. I've read this kind of story too many times and don?t really need to read more. Still, the story is well written and the whole issue was well worth my time.

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