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Analog - July/August 2005
zine  ISBN/ITEM#: 1059-2113
Date: 05/06/2005 /

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Analog - July/August 2005 - Vol CXXVNo. 8 - ISSN 1059-2113 Table of Contents:
Novella: Sanctuary by Michael A. Burstein / Novelettes: Search Engine by Mary Rosenblum / Give Up the Ghost by Grey Rollins / Resonance by Eric James Stone -- Short Stories: Take Me to Your Liederkranz by Lawrence M. Schoen / Breeding Maze by Larry Niven / The Speed of Understanding by Carl Frederick / The Best-Laid Plans by Jerry Oltion / Paradox & Greenblatt, Attorneys at Law by Kevin J. Anderson -- Science Fact: Water World, Glacier World, Dust World by Kevin Walsh -- Reader's Departments: The Editor's Page / In Times to Come / The Alternate View by Jeffrey D. Kooistra / The Reference Library by Tom Easton / Brass Tacks / Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis

The lead story in the September 2005 issue of Analog is just the kind of high quality story we have come to expect from Michael Burstein. "Sanctuary" begins during a Roman Catholic mass being said in a chapel on a space station. It is interrupted by an alien seeking sanctuary to prevent the baby she is carrying from being aborted. What is impressive is that Burstein has done his research and probably knows more about Catholicism than 90% of Roman Catholics. In addition to that, he writes a very good story. Most of the other stories get my 'very good' rating, too. "Search Engine" by Mary Rosenblum is a nice little tale about a detective of the future that must still use ingenuity in finding people, even when everyone is supposed to be tagged?. But the story goes further than that when the detective must make a moral decision about what he finds. "Give Up the Ghost"? by Grey Rollins is a classic Analog story in which a man must find out why ghosts of dead people are showing up on a planet and how to uses this to the benefit of the colony. "Resonance"? by Eric James Stone is also a classic Analog story in which a man must find a way to build the first space elevator and win the very lucrative Otis Prize. I especially like it that he assumes we are all knowledgeable enough not to need him to explain the name on the award. "The Speed of Understanding"? is another good story by Carl Frederick in which a group of people realize they have been missing something about the life on the planet that they have been studying. Lastly, "Paradox & Greenblatt, Attorneys At Law" by Kevin J. Anderson is a wonderfully amusing tale that makes use of the old Grandfather Paradox.

The issue is rounded out by two more enjoyable stories. "In Take Me to Your Liederkranz", Lawrence M. Schoen tells us how a man identifies a very curious behavior in a young woman. "Breeding Maze" by Larry Niven is another amusing little Draco's Tavern tale. Unfortunately, in this issue there is one story I thought was well below the standards of Analog. "The Best Laid Plans" by Jerry Oltion is a depressing tale about the triumph of ignorance. Oltion does not even try to make this little throwaway plausible. Maybe he thinks he's being funny but it's really just a waste of five pages.

Even still, this issue has a lot to recommend it.

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