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Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction - January 2006 by Gordon Van Gelder
zine  ISBN/ITEM#: F&SF0106
Date: January 2006 /

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Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction January 2006 issue, which is scheduled to go on sale November 29, 2005
Table of Contents: Novellas Planet of Mystery -44- Terry Bisson | Novelets Less Than Nothing -7- Robert Reed | The Boy in Zaquitos -138- Bruce McAllister | Short Stories Shadow Man -87- Matthew Hughes | Horse-Year Women -92- Michaela Roessner | A Daze in the Life -116- Tony Sarowitz | Journey to Gantica -126- Matthew Corradi | Departments Books To Look For -34- Charles de Lint | Books -38- Elizabeth Hand | Coming Attractions -91- | Films: 101 More Uses of Enchantment -110- Kathi Maio | Index to Volumes 108 & 109 -159- | Curiosities -162- Bud Webster | Cover: By Max Bertolina for "Planet Of Mystery"

The January 2006 issue if The Mageazine of Fantasy and Science Ficiton has something unusual, a serialized story. I will review "Planet of Mystery" by Terry Bisson when it concludes next month.

The rest of the stories in this issue all get a Very Good from me. "Less Than Nothing" by Robert Reed is a sequel to "The Condor's Green Eyed Child" in the August 2004 issue. It continues the story of Raven Dream, a 10 year old Native American boy who must suffer the consequences of killing a man in that previous story. He goes on a journey and discovers more about himself and the outside world. "The Boy in Zaquitos" by Bruce McAllister tells us the story of a man who must do distasteful things during the Cold War and what he does to assuage his guilt. "Shadow Man" by Matthew Hughes is not a story about Henghist Hapthorn or Guth Bandar. This takes place in our own world and tells us about a disturbed young man who feels he's being watched.

"Horse-Year Women" by Michaela Roessner is based on Chinese astrology and those 'Year of' animals that we see on menus in Chinese Restaurant. A woman born in the Year of the Dragon, is curious about women born in The Year of the Horse. She becomes friends with one such woman and also hears some fascinating legends about them.

"In A Daze in the Life", Tony Sarowitz shows us a near-future world in which people are willingly 'Capped' by the installation of a 'Cerebral Appliance' that allows an outside group (government or business) to use their brain for processing. He gets flashes of an interesting young woman, meets her and finds something about what is being done with his brain. "Journey to Gantica" is an impressive debut story by Matthew Corradi. Set in a fantasy world, it relates the story of Adelia who grows larger than the people of her village. She thinks that her size means that she was meant to slay giants. She is told they are Upland in a country called Gantica. Her quest takes her to surprising places. We get a very classic fairy story here and I will be looking forward to more stories from Mr. Corradi.

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