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The Archangels of Dreamland by Steven L. Fawcette
Review by Mel Jacob
Paperback  ISBN/ITEM#: 0977370909
Date: 31 October, 2005 List Price $11.95 Amazon US / Amazon UK / Show Official Info /

One of the injured time travelers survives long enough to impregnate a virgin. The military kills him and a young man, trying to get help. Mary Ellen Hart, the virgin and the young man's date, hides in fear for her life. The military rush to arrest her family, and she flees to the local Catholic Church. With the help of the priest, she escapes the country and disappears.

Meanwhile, the military and the U.S. government deny the event and secure all evidence. They use it to develop new technology that ultimately gives the U.S. world leadership. However, the group controlling this technology eventually learns Mary Ellen Hart survived and bore nine children, each 7 years apart:, a boy and a girl each, of Afro-American, Caucasian, Asiatic, and Hispanic appearances, and a Native American boy. At age eighty-nine, she is now pregnant with her tenth child, a girl.

Determined to protect the technology code named Dreamland, the group managing the project orders the death of Mary Ellen and all her children. Once she and one son learn of the threat, they fight to escape the Special Forces team sent to execute them and race against the FBI and military to locate her other children given up years ago for adoption.

Skullduggery and treachery abounds. So do allies and miracles, including unexpected allies who appear at strategic moments. The hand of God aids Mary Ellen and her children time after time. One descendent survives a plane crash and an 800-mile swim in the ocean.

Alongside the hunt for Mary Ellen, the Dreamland project strives to activate the most powerful artificial intelligence ever conceived. Success leaves the world at the mercy of Lucifer, the archangel cast from heaven, now resident in the most powerful computer in the world and determined to defeat God with the help of Mary Ellen's children, the Archangels of the Bible now incarnate. As Lucifer achieves domination of Dreamland, the archangels struggle to accept their roles. He works to subvert them with simulated extremes of desire and painful deaths.

The novel rolls to a violent climax with enough violence and gore to satisfy fans of Armageddon scenarios including the destruction of a major American city. Weapons of the future battle Lucifer.

The juxtaposition of Roswell and time travelers, along with Revelations (from the Bible), too convenient allies, and miracles, strains creditability. Fawcette also enlivens events with touches of almost slapstick humor. For those willing to suspend belief and logic, he creates a roller coaster ride in the ultimate battle between good and evil, but still leaves an opening for a sequel.

Our Readers Respond

From: starchaser
    I bought the book because a friend said it was a good read. He also mentioned that he had met the author in Denver CO and found him to be a very interesting and intelligent person. Well, I got the book and I must say it was incredible, it was like watching a movie, so well described and so much action, I like action. Well to make a long story short, I recomend it. Five stars from me. Also my friend says that there is a part two coming soon. well cant wait. A must get.
From: dragonutts
    i have read the novel about 5 times and still find it really interesting. but i ask how can it strain creditability when its a fictional book. the novel just brings out a hole new outlook at what the Roswell crash could have been. also the novel won an award from the North Americas Bookdealers Exchange for best action adventure. well any who, i simply find this novel very interesting. thank you

      Our Readers Respond

      From: dragonutts
        For all to know, the second book is out, ARCHANGELS 2: THE GRIGORY, it was introduced at this years BOOK EXPO OF AMERICA, and I must say another 5 star. Great from start to finish.

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