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Analog - April 2006
Zine  ISBN/ITEM#: 1059-2113
Date: March 2006 /

From release/information:

Analog - April 2006 - Vol. CXXVI No. 4 - ISSN 1059-2113
Table of Contents:
Novella: Boundary Condition by Wil McCarthy Novelettes: Lady Be Good by John G. Hemry / Numismatist by Richard A. Lovett Short Stories: Nothing to Fear But by Stephen L. Burns / The Lowland Expedition by Stephen Baxter / Lighthouse by Michael Shara & Jack McDevitt Science Fact: The Shape of Wings to Come by Alexis Glynn Latner / Probability Zero / The Emancipation of the Knowledge Robots by Carl Frederick / Reader's Departments: The Editor's Page / In Times to Come / The Alternate View by Jeffrey D. Kooistra / Biolog: Stephen Baxter by Richard A. Lovett / The Reference Library by Tom Easton / Brass Tacks / Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis

The March 2006 issue of Analogis a good one with only the novella just a little disappointing. Still, the other stories get a Very Good from me.

"Lady Be Good" by John G. Hemry is more a seafaring than spacefaring story. The title refers to the name of a tramp ship, kept together by spit and a prayer, just waiting for that one good run. We hear of a mythic place called Haven which is the port at which all sailors want to dock. Kilcannon is the First Officer of the Lady and really the one that keeps her going. The job they are on is not very respectable but when they pick up refugees from space pirates, the First Officer and crew find a way to redemption. In "Numismatist" by Richard A. Lovett, Detective Adam Lamb must figure out why a seemingly normal man shot up a mall until he was killed by the police. Lamb is an interesting character, with issues of his own, and the mystery is solved because of Lamb's own personal situation. "Nothing to Fear" by Stephen L. Burns tells of a man who had many phobias but was a software genius until he killed himself and burned his house down. How this all happened makes for a nice little story. Stephen Baxter's "The Lowland Expedition" is another story set on Old Earth where time is stratified. Time moves faster the higher you go. Enna, her father and her lover come across a strange city which has only one resident but is, nonetheless, a dangerous place to be. "Lighthouse" is the tale of Kristi Lang, who makes a revolutionary discovery about a certain kind of brown dwarf star and the life experience that gave her a clue to it all.

The only story found a little less satisfying (but still worth reading) was Wil McCarthy's "Boundary Condition." It's an odd story about people on a weather station in space who can affect the weather through decoherence. I did not really understand the whole process but the story involved a visit from the first American Pope, Pope Dave 1. McCarthy repeats one of the oldest jokes in the world as if it were new and makes one mistake about how a Catholic cleric might act in a crisis situation. The story just did not come together for me.

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