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Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction - Oct/Nov 2006 by Gordon Van Gelder (Ed.)
Review by Sam Tomaino
Spilogale, Inc. Zine  ISBN/ITEM#: MAGF&SF061
Date: August 2006 / Pub Info / Table of Contents /

"Abandon the Ruins" by Charles Coleman Finlay is a very good story. It's the latest in his series about Maggot, a young man raised by trolls who finds it difficult to live in either world. In this one, he makes a new human friend and a new troll one. The story features lots of action and a very poignant ending. "...With By Good Intentions" by Carrie Richerson is a hilarious tale about a construction company's effort to complete a road to a place suggested by the title. It may not be an "Excellent" story but it is sure a lot of fun.

eThe rest of the stories all just blew me away! Last year, Peter S. Beagle wrote the Hugo-nominated "Two Hearts" and I thought it was the best story that I had read in years. This issue's "El Regalo" is another fantastic story. It starts out kind of whimsical with a young girl finding out that her brother has magical powers. But then it becomes something more and that's what makes it exceptional. The story can also can be found in a new collection of Beagle’s work called The Line Between. On the basis of this story, that would be an excellent collection to buy. This issue also has a new tale by Paolo Bacigalupi called "Pop Squad". As the introduction warns, this is not a tale for kids. In a future in which people can take "rejoo" treatments to become essentially immortal, new births are prohibited. But women will give up immortality to have babies. The story is told by a member of the Pop Squad that brutally enforces the law against babies. The third novelet is another tale set in Cambodia by Geoff Ryman. We are told repeatedly that "Pol Pot's Beautiful Daughter (Fantasy)" is a lie but we get a wonderful story about how just such a young woman would deal with the father's bloody legacy.

What would an issue of this magazine be without a new story from Albert E. Cowdrey? In "Revelation", a young man believes that the earth is actually a dragon's egg which is about to hatch. He uses psychology and creative writing to deal with this belief. Lastly, there is a story by a woman whose been writing great short fiction for decades. In "Killers", Carol Emshwiller pens a short but chilling tale of a future community devastated by global war and global warming. The end will freeze your bones.

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