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GUD Magazine #0 by GUD Publishing Crew
Cover Artist: Konrad Kruszewski
Review by Sam Tomaino
GUD Publishing Zine  ISBN/ITEM#: 1932-8222
Date: Spring 2007 /

The people that publish GUD (Greatest Uncommon Denominator) have sent me their first issue, 192 pages which contains "literary and genre fiction, poetry, essays and art and features authors and artists from around the world". This is an attractive magazine and I will review the fiction contained therein.

Table of Contents
Article: Invitation to Kaohsiung by Allen McGill * Poetry Code by Robert Peake
Novelette: Songs of the Dead by Sarah Singleton and Chris Butler
Short Story: Sundown by Debbie Moorhouse * Painsharing by John Walters * A Yellow Sun with a Purple Crayon by Michelle Garren Pye * One in Ten Thousand by Athena Workman * 4 Short Parables Revolving Around the Theme of Travel by A.B. Goelman * The Doctrine of the Arbitrariness of the Sign by Shweta Naryan * The Infinite Monkeys Protocol by Lavie Tidhar * Moments of Brilliance by Jason Stoddard * Cutting a Figure by Charlie Anders * The Eternal's Last Request by Joshua Babcock * Where Water Fails by Rusty Barnes * Longs to Run by David Bulley * Sown Seeds by Errid Farland * Chicken by John Mantooth * She Dreams in Colors, She Dreams in Hope by F. John Sharp * The Tale That Launched a Thousand Ships by Janrae Frank
Art: Kmantis Hunch5 by Konrad Kruzewski * Cosmonaut's Last Day by Jamie Dee Galey * Changing Destiny by Fefa * Bird and Ghost by Sarah Coyne * Media Hype by Jamie Dee Galey * Belly Busters by Bruce Boston and Larry Dickison * The Kiss by Konrad Kruszewski * Having Fun at the Party by Fran Giordano * Jack Rabbit by Jamie Dee Galey
Poems: A Problem With the Law by Neil Davies * Trying to Make Coffee by William Doreski * Fade In Fade Out by Beverly A. Jackson * Night Watch by Allen McGill * As a Child by Kristana Ong Muslim * No Motor Home by Kenneth Ryan * Past Due: Final Notice by Kenneth Ryan * Fortune by Kenneth Ryan * Dialogue with the Hollows of Your Body by Benjamin Buchholz * Ah Those Letters in the Attic or Modern Lit by Lida Broadhurst * Pepe in Critical Condition by Tomi Shaw * The first day of the last day my face fell off by Rohith Sundararaman
Contributor Biographies

The first story, "Sundown" by Debbie Moorhouse is a nice little story about a private eye that takes pity on a wounded sparrow and some other living things. "Painsharing" by John Walters is a beautiful little tale about future humans who are watching the end of the Earth (due to the Sun going nova) and want to do something to properly pay tribute to the planet from which civilization began. Michelle Garren Pye gives us a nice short-short in "A Yellow Sun with a Purple Crayon" about an impossible task. The longest entry in the magazine is "Songs of the Dead" by Sarah Singleton and Chris Butler is a nice period piece about a young William Blake and how he became a mystical person. One of the few stories I did not care for was "One in Ten Thousand" by Athena Workman about a future in which euthanasia is regulated by the state.

A.B. Goelman's "4 Short Parables Revolving Around the Theme of Travel" deals with superheroes, aliens with strange gifts, the scorpion and the frog and easy interstellar travel in a most amusing way. Also, good is "The Doctrine of the Arbitrariness of the Sign" by Shweta Naryan which is about a boy with special powers that does not receive proper encouragement.

"The Infinite Monkeys Protocol" by Lavie Tidhar is a charming tale about a woman who always wanted a computer virus named after her. Jason Stoddard's "Moments of Brilliance" is an effective story about a special kind of "being" becoming aware of its purpose in life. "Cutting a Figure" by Charlie Anders is a hilarious account of a woman going to a lot of trouble for breast implants. In "The Eternal's Last Request", Joshua Babcock tells us of a daughter who goes to great lengths to help her father in his declining years. I liked "Where Water Fails" by Rusty Barnes about a married couple that is not really a genre tale. I thought that "Longs to Run" by David Bulley was just a boring sex fantasy. "Sown Seeds" by Errid Farland is an amusing story but, again, not really genre. F. John Sharp's "She Dreams in Colors, She Dreams in Hope" was an okay story about a man helping a friend by receiving her dreams. "Chicken" by John Mantooth is a wonderfully chilling little tale about a horrible childhood experience. The last story is "The Tale That Launched a Thousand Ships" by Janrae Frank, a nice little account of the consequences of the Sleeping Beauty myth.

With only a couple exceptions, this is a nice little magazine and is well worth your support!

GUD – Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine – Issue 0 – Spring 2007 – ISSN 1932-8222
Greatest Uncommon Denominator Publishing, PO Box 1537, Laconia, NH 03247
$18 for 2 issues, $10 for one, $3.50 for PDF version

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