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Date: 20 February 2007

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If you remember how annoying Will Wheaton was as the boy genius on Star Trek: The Next Generation, you may be pleased to learn that he's now using his talents for good, or at least good fun, rather than whatever it was he thought he was doing on the Enterprise bridge. He's blogging the hand that fed him, working his way up through the TNG episodes one by one with candor, humor, and all the occasional fondness that looking back there from here deserves. What does Will think of Wesley? "After watching this episode (ST:TNG: The Battle), I finally understand -- no, I grok -- exactly why so many people hated Wesley so much. Hell, I played him for seven years and probably have more invested in him than anyone else in the world, and even I hated him after this."

From release/information:

(Here's the lead in to Will's entry on "Hide and Q", which aired November 23, 1987 he manages to not spoil it, though it's dissected with a tricorder in the main article, but sets up the good bits nicely.)

Synopsis: The Enterprise receives a distress call from a colony on Quadra Sigma III, which is just a few planets before eMac Sigma III. There's been an accident, and they need urgent medical attention. The colonists are in luck (as are Trekkies who have had their fill of "Pain! So much pain!") because the Enterprise has just dropped off Counselor Troi at Starbase G-6, putting them close enough to Sigma III to speed on over and save the 500 or so trapped miners. (Ah, trapped miners on a far off colony . . . it's one of the classic Sci-Fi cliches.)

The Enterprise kicks it up to Warp 9.1, but quickly runs into a familiar and no-longer-mysterious giant CGI net that the ship can't pass. Faster than you can say, "Hey, that's the ILM-designed thing Q used in 'Encounter at Farpoint!'" Data says, "Captain! It's that ILM-designed thing Q used in 'Encounter at Farpoint!'" They put on the brakes, and in a blinding flash of light, Q appears on the Bridge, and tells Picard that he's decided that humans are not just a bunch of **********, and as a reward, he's giving them a really swell gift.

Picard tells Q that it's very sweet of him to offer, but they're on their way to save those trapped miners on Quadra Sigma III, where there are also radioactive mutants, a sentient brain in a jar, a computer that's become self-aware and turned on its creator, beings of pure energy, and a call that's coming from inside the house, so maybe they could just talk about this some other time.

(Source: TV Squad)

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