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SFRevu@Ten by Ernest Lilley
Review by Ernest Lilley
SFRevu Feature  ISBN/ITEM#: 0706SFR@10
Date: June 1, 2007 /

This month (June 2007) SFRevu turns ten. I'm not sure how that happened, but it seems like the sort of thing that I should make note of and how we're doing.

So I'm asking folks if they'd be willing to offer up a comment for the occasion. You know, something about what a great job we've been doing over the last ten years and how we're an indispensable source of information on new books and authors. Or whatever it is you really think.

We'll use the comments (or such of them as are printable) in a feature on the last ten years.

The June 2007 issue of SFRevu will go online Monday, June 4rth and if you can send us a short note by then, terrific. If not, send it anyway and we'll sneak it in after the fact. It's the web. To make it easy for us, could you put your comment in the space below and send this back to us?

If you're at Readercon in July we'll be holding some sort of event to commemorate it, and we'd be happy to see you there.

Thank you for your help and your support.

    Ernest Lilley
    Sr. Editor, SFRevu
Comments by: Gregory Benford / Charles Brown (Locus) / James Gunn / E.E. Knight / Jim Minz (Baen Sr. Editor)t / Mike Resnick / Robert Sawyer / Jack Womack

SFRevu's Mission (yes, we really have a mission) is to promote:

Better Living Through Speculative Fiction

Science Fiction and Fantasy have been holding an intense dialog with technological society for the last century, and arguably as long as there have been stories told. This dialog does not so much predict things to come as it does inform them. SF has written the template for parts of the future we live in, and and put up caution signs for those portions of the maps where we see dragons hatching. Above all it has given the world a language with which to talk about the wonders of both technology and myth, and this is a process and dialog that SFRevu wants to encourage everyone to get involved with.

    We do so by:

1) Connecting good readers with good books - We're evangelists in this regard, so you'll rarely see us bash a book or author, though we'll gladly point out when we think someone fell short of what they could have done.

2) Bridging the gap between fanzines and semi-prozines - By giving fans a chance to write reviews in an edited environment, and to rub shoulders (at least on the webpage) with pros (authors and critics) we want hope to encourage readers to participate in the process by thinking about what they've read, and we see both writing and reading reviews as part of that process.

3) Focusing on Fiction - We love the written word, whether it's delivered on paper or pixels, but we frequently include media offerings because they both derive from and drive the evolution of the genre.

Please Copy these questions into our feedback form (below) and send your comments to us. We will ask for an email address...but we won't give it away or spam you as a result.

SFRevu Tenth Anniversary Feedback

Q: What do you think of SFRevu's mission and accomplishments ten years on?

Q: What would you like to see SFRevu offer going forward? We're working on a database of award eligible works that anyone can add to, we've already started up a series of Editor interviews, and might even consider adding other features if they sound like fun.

Q: Would you like us to include your website or blog URL with your comment?

Thanks from all of us at SFRevu.

Our Readers Respond

From: Gregory Benford:
    I've used your reviews many times to help guide my reading. Always incisive, always informed! Thanks.
From: Charles Brown (Locus):
    Ten years already? I remember the first scruffy issue as if it were yesterday. (Actually, I don't remember yesterday.) Congratulations! Keep up the good work. We need as many intelligent reviews as we can get!
    Charles Brown
    Locus Magazine
From: Mike Resnick:
    With as much stuff as there is getting published, any reader needs help sorting it all out. Thanks for providing that help.
    -- Mike Resnick --
From: James Gunn:
    One of the major assets of science fiction is the feedback given to authors, editors, and publishers by its readers. One of its major needs is more and better informed reviews and criticism. In these days of the internet, that need is being met more and more by internet journals, among which SF REVU is one of the best. Congratulations on your tenth anniversary of service. May you long continue!
From: E.E. Knight:
    Congratulations on your Tenth Anniversary! I look forward to reading SFRevu each and every month. Your editorial mix is perfect. I especially like the monthly book US/UK book columns and the author interviews. I know from personal experience that your eagerness to give press to new authors helps both the writer and the genre.

    Looking forward to your Twentieth,
    Eric Knight

From: Jim Minz (SR. Editor / Baen Books
    The Science Fiction community has long been at the forefront of the online movement, both in fiction and in fact, from the writings of Vinge and Gibson, to the early GEnie accounts for SF writers, to Baen's own very large and active program, including Ebooks, Baen's Bar, and of course, the more recent launch of Baen's Universe. And SFRevu has been a vital part of that community (for ten years already! Congratulations!), from its wide-ranging reviews, interviews, and--my personal favorite--its thoughtful con reports. From the very first issue, you coupled strong reviews with visual content. And the greatest testament to your success? Your longevity--in the past ten years, many websites (and print publications) have come and gone, but SFRevu endures, built upon the strong foundation of! quality and persistence.
From: Robert Sawyer /
    It's wonderful to see SFRevu celebrating its tenth anniversary. It's a marvelous site/publication -- one of the key sources for reviews and news. My hat's off to Ernest Lilley, who has long emphasized actual content, instead of flashy eye-candy; would that more web sites did the same. And -- man! -- the years have just flown by, haven't they? Congratulations on a major milestone, and on a job always well done.
From: william c. smith:
    I regard SFrevu as one of the four most useful sites for a SF reader who is interested in buying books, getting an opinion before buying a book or being pointed to an author or book that he should consider buying. May SFRevu and I successfuly thrive for another decade.
From: James Smith:
    I visit this site mostly for the great book reviews. Happy tenth anniversary!
    James, Greensboro, NC
From: Jack Womack:

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