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Resurrection #1 by Marc Guggenheim (words) & David Dumeer (art)
Cover Artist: David Dumeer
Review by Kat Bittner Comic  
Date: 28 November 2007

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Humanity has won the battle against the alien invasion. Now what happens next? Marc Guggenheim explores the answer to this question in his first Oni publication Resurrection, a post-apocalyptic drama.

It is 10 years after the invasion and the world is still in recovery. In the wake of such an extraordinary event the focus is on how each of the characters is affected by it. Sarah is on her way to see her son when she is saved from a burn by Ben. A burn is an alien experiment gone wrong on a human leaving them like a zombie. Ben is on his way to Washington, DC, but will detour and accompany Sarah to see her son.

The second pair of characters is the president and his assistant. Through them we get a sense of how much the infrastructure of the system has collapsed during the alien invasion. Even though the structures of their settings are intact like the buildings in Main Street and the oval office, it is all just a façade (no more than a soundstage). In comparison to the devastation of the environment in the rest of the story the pristine condition of Main Street the President and his assistant stroll through further separates them from the rest of the characters.

The last set is an un-named woman with a secret that if unleashed could destroy the lives of every survivor on earth. Hint, its name is Spock.

Despite the time, set in a post apocalyptic future, the landscape echoes a post Katrina world where an unimaginable event disrupts society and the survivors are faced with the monumental task of putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.

The strength of the Resurrection is how Guggenheim weaves stories of survivors trying to rebuild what's left over of civilization. In spite of all this human instinct to survive is alive for better or for worse.

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