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Psychic Power Nanaki Volume 1 by Ryo Saenagi
Review by Andrea Johnson
TokyoPop Paperback  ISBN/ITEM#: 9781427803047
Date: 13 November 2007 List Price $9.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK / Show Official Info /

A month after his car accident, Nanaki feels fine, and returns to high school. But suddenly he can hear people's thoughts, and when he gets angry or frustrated, things start to explode. Exposed as a latent psychic, Nanaki has to join the Paranormal Task Force, also known as "Lock", or otherwise always be a prime suspect in paranormal crimes due to his powers.

After being partnered up with Ao, and being told his powers need training, Nanaki has to balance high school life with a new job that seems to be taking over his life. Ao and Nanaki are on the same wavelength, so they can communicate telepathically, which usually involves ogling girls or teasing each other with high school humor. Ao has a dark past, and he is afraid Nanaki will become "a freak" and lose control of his powers. The Paranormal Task Force is more of a protective agency; the action here isn't violent, it's to save people from poltergeists, spirits, and other paranormal creatures.

On their first case together, Nanaki makes some assumptions about the young lady whose ghost is haunting a school. The ghost is communicating any way she can -- in this situation, showing up in the cell phone e-mails of the students. She has unfinished business to attend to, and possesses Nanaki's body in the process. Instead of turning to violence, Nanaki flatters the ghost, who realizes it is her time to move on.

After losing a previous partner to out-of-control powers, Ao is truly afraid for Nanaki, who is completely comfortable using teleportation, telekinesis, telepathy and other powers with no respect for the concentration needed to properly control them. Time and time again, Nanaki appears to be reverting to violence to capture their target, but in the end, he usually uses flattery or fun games to lure a paranormal creature out of hiding. Nanaki may be in need of training, but he doesn't seem to be hurting anyone.

Psychic Power Nanaki is a fun, if unoriginal shonen manga. The artwork and characters look so similar to other series by Ryo Saenagi such as Sequence and Satisfaction Guaranteed that I have to wonder if there will be some eventual character crossover. Other than their day-to-day adventures with the Paranormal Task Force, readers will have to wait until a future volume for anything truly dangerous to our main characters. I recommend Psychic Power Nanaki to fans of shonen manga who enjoy detective plotlines with plenty of action, humor, and cute girls to distract our protagonists.

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