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Wolf Who Rules by Wen Spencer
Cover Artist: Kurt Miller
Review by Cathy Green
Baen Mass Market  ISBN/ITEM#: 9781416573814
Date: 30 October 2007 List Price $7.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK / Show Article /

When we last saw Tinker, she had just saved Elfhome from a full scale invasion by the Oni by using the hyperphase interdimensional gate the Oni had forced her to build to destroy the orbital hyperphase gate that allowed for movement between Earth and Elfhome. This had the unintended side effect of trapping Pittsburgh permanently in Elfhome instead of phasing between worlds.

As the sequel, Wolf Who Rules opens with Tinker and her band of elfin bodyguards surveying the hazy quantum instability that used to be Turtle Creek. As it turned out, her plan to destroy the orbital gate only partly succeeded. The gate was knocked out of orbit but not destroyed and apparently crashed to Elfhome just outside of Pittsburgh while still "on", hence the quantum instability. In addition to trying to figure out how to fix the quantum discontinuity she caused, Tinker is coping with adapting to being an elf. Elfin customs and mores are quite different from those of humans and while an elf at Tinker's developmental stage would have had two hundred years or so to learn the appropriate customs and magicks, Tinker has been thrown in the deep end to learn how to swim. Also complicating matters is what Tinker learned while captive on Onihida in the first book in the series, Tinker. The Oni, along with their servants/slaves/spies, the Tengu (creatures originally made by the Oni through combining birds with primitive humans who had wandered to Onihida through interdimensional passageways from Earth) have infiltrated Elfhome to a much larger degree than previously suspected. There is a distinct possibility that a large portion of the human population of Pittsburgh previously though to be Asian-American may, in fact, be Tengu or half-Oni.

From official release/information:

Book Description: The popular fantasy novel Tinker introduced the inventor-heroine of the same name, who lives in a near-future Pittsburgh, which shares an interdimensional border with the land of the elves. In this sequel, Wolf Who Rules, the elven noble whose destiny is intertwined with Tinker, finds himself besieged from all sides. Viceroy and head of the Wind Clan, he had been able to guarantee the safety of everyone in his realm, but faced with an oni invasion, he has had to call in royal troops and relinquish his monopoly of Pittsburgh, which is now entirely stranded on Elfhome. He now struggles to keep the peace between the humans, the newly arrived Stone Clan, the royal forces, a set of oni dragons, the half-oni children who see themselves as human, and the tengu trying to escape their oni enslavement. Meanwhile, Tinker strives to solve the mystery of a growing discontinuity in Turtle Creek. She's plagued with inexplicable nightmares that may hold the keys to Pittsburgh's future. The only clue from the Queen's oracle to help Tinker is a note with five English words on it: Follow the Yellow Brick Road. Oni, and dragons and tengu – oh my!

(Source: Baen)

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