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Superman - Doomsday (DC Universe Animated Original Movie) by Lauren Montgomery & Bruce W. Timm (Directors)
Review by Charles Mohapel
Warner Home Video DVD  ISBN/ITEM#: B000PE0G0A
Date: 29 November 2007 List Price $19.98 Amazon US / Amazon UK / Show Official Info /

Described by Warner Brothers as "an Original Animated Movie", the story begins with Clark Kent heading off to Afghanistan on assignment for the Daily Planet.

Concurrently with this, a group of Lexcorp scientists working on Project Apple Core, a secret and illegal operation, make a startling discovery while drilling. They uncover an ancient alien spacecraft and while attempting to dig it out, accidentally release the creature imprisoned inside. Doomsday was a supersoldier created by an alien race to be nearly unstoppable and indestructible, but unfortunately for the aliens, he proved to be incapable of distinguishing between friend and foe.

Arriving in Metropolis, Doomsday leaves a rapidly growing trail of death and destruction in his wake. In a climactic battle to the death, the Man of Steel is mortally injured, succumbing to the fearsome pounding inflicted by Doomsday and subsequently dying in the arms of Lois Lane.

Next we see a frustrated Lex Luthor venting his anger at Superman for having died before he could exact his revenge upon the Man of Steel. But Lex is not one to simply let his adversary's untimely demise affect his plans.

Miracle of miracles, we suddenly see Superman coming to the rescue – or do we? We discover that this Man of Steel is not the original, but rather a clone created by Lexcorp, using DNA from Superman's blood from the scene of his titanic battle with Doomsday.

Superman's robot servant leaves the Fortress of Solitude in Antarctica and steals the body of the deceased Kryptonian superhero from the secret room at Lexcorp. Apparently human death does not apply to Kryptonians since the robot was able to detect a faint heart beat after Superman had "died", then detected it again 17 days later, permitting the robot to locate the Man of Steel, bring him back to the Fortress, and speed up the healing process.

After Superman's clone kills a minor archvillain, the real superhero returns to Metropolis to stop him from killing anyone else. Even though the robot tells Superman he is only operating at 67%, the Kryptonian superhero is undaunted by this new challenge. During the battle with his amoral clone, our hero resorts to a creative means of stopping the clone.

Special Features:

    * Comprehensive Documentary on "Requiem and Rebirth: Superman Lives!" about how the DC Comics Team decided Superman's Fate
    * Commentary by Producer Bruce Timm, Writer Duane Capizzi, Voice Director Andrea Romano, and Executive Producer Gregory Noveck
    * Exclusive Sneak Peak at DC Universe's "Justice League: The New Frontier"
    * "Behind The Voices" Featurette
    * "Superman's Last Stand Challenge"
Comprehensive Documentary on "Requiem and Rebirth: Superman Lives!"
In my opinion this is a GREAT special feature telling how the story of killing Superman came about and how his death is just the beginning of the story. Here is where the viewer sees Superman through the eyes of various artists and I discover that John Byrne's Superman is THE definitive version for me.

Commentary by Producer Bruce Timm, Writer Duane Capizzi, Voice Director Andrea Romano, and Executive Producer Gregory Noveck
We discover that "Superman Doomsday" is basically a standalone story revisualizing the faces of the main characters like Lex Luthor who gets a major redesign. They take the original Doomsday and compress a story that spanned 3 years of comic books into a much more animated film with 78 minutes of quality Korean animation.

We get treated to a wealth of tidbits paying tribute to the late Christopher Reeve, as well as the previous movies, cartoon series, and TV shows.

In my opinion Voice Director Andrea Romano has made inspired choices for the main characters, utilizing Adam Baldwin as Superman, Anne Heche as Lois Lane, Ray Wise as Perry White, Adam Wylie as Jimmy Olsen, James Marsters as Lex Luthor, Swoosie Kurtz as Martha Kent, and even giving us a cameo appearance by Kevin Smith as a grumpy man.

The soundtrack features the music of Robert Kral, a veteran of Angel and Duck Dodgers, and runs from appropriately soft and subtle to dark, ominous, and powerful. For myself, I think he is another soundtrack composer to watch and listen for.

Exclusive Sneak Peak at DC Universe's "Justice League: The New Frontier"
This teaser for the next DC Original Animated Movie harkens back to the Silver Age of Comics and features Kyle MacLachlan as Superman, Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman, and David Boreanaz as Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

"Behind The Voices" Featurette
The viewer gets to see Adam Baldwin, Anne Heche, Ray Wise, Adam Wylie, and, Swoosie Kurtz as they work in the sound studio, as well as discovering that while many actors show up for voice work in t-shirts and jeans, Ray Wise shows up in a suit.

"Superman's Last Stand Challenge" is a video game designed to let the viewer play the characters against the computer.

Finally, we get trailers for The Last Mimzy, I Am Legend, Babylon 5: The Lost Tales, Todd MacFarlane's Spawn – The Animated Collection – The 10th Anniversary Signature Edition, Blade: The House Of Chthon (the Feature Length Premiere of the Hit TV Series), Smallville (Seasons 1-6), and Blade Runner – the 25th Anniversary Edition.

Overall I found Superman Doomsday to be a very enjoyable animated movie, but in my opinion the wealth of bonus features provides greater depth to the story by filling in the back story for those viewers who are not diehard Superman fans. As much as I enjoyed the story, and I did, I received even more pleasure from all the goodies.

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