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St. Lunatic High School (Yoru nimo Makezu!) Volume 2 by Majiko
Edited by Katherine Schilling
Review by Andrea Johnson
TokyoPop Paperback  ISBN/ITEM#: 9781598169454
Date: 11 December 2007 List Price $9.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK / Show Official Info /

When the Rose Company calls in its debts, will the school chairman be able to pay up? Or could it cost him his beloved St. Lunatic High School? Meanwhile, Niko finds herself rescuing a trapped stranger. What does this strange man, Eden, want with the school? Will Niko and Ren-kun ever tell each other how they feel?

This volume of Majiko's St. Lunatic High School focuses on the romantic entanglements of Niko (who likes Ren, but doesn't know how to tell him), Ren (who likes Niko, but doesn't know how to tell her), Eden (who falls head over heels for Niko), and Hinagiku (who seems to be romantically stalking Ren). Maybe if Niko and Ren could get a few minutes alone together, they could tell each other how they feel. But with Ren's father, the school chairman, in trouble over debts and acting even stranger than usual, and Eden being so accident-prone, will these two teenagers have a moment's peace?

A pivotal moment occurs during Niko's first hiking trip with her friends when she accidentally falls into the river. Eden makes a misguided attempt to rescue her, and Ren ends up saving them both, thanks to his demon wings. The three misfits are safe and sound, then they find out the rescue was videotaped and shown on national television. So much for St. Lunatic High School being a secret school for demons, who aren't supposed to be in the human world at all! Due to this breach of security, the night classes at St. Lunatic High School may be ending forever, cutting Niko and Ren's relationship short. What can they do to stop this terrible turn of events? And what's up with a Halloween Party in the middle of the summer?

What I've come to enjoy most about St. Lunatic High School is Majiko's Gothic artistic style. The characters may be dressed all in black; it's the details on each outfit that kept me fascinated: rings, studded collars, oversized cuffs, buckles, everything and anything a goth kid could want, along with some large floral patterns and the occasional maid outfit that, surprisingly, work. And on these ultra-slim characters, it looks incredible. Each chapter starts out with an almost CLAMP-style artistic drawing, usually showing Niko and Ren and maybe Atchan or Eden in coordinating outfits or costumes. It sounds silly, but in a stylistic manner, it works, and it works well. It's a good thing characters have their own individual hairstyles, jewelry and sometimes demonic attributes, because Majiko does seem to draw all faces alike.

I recommend St. Lunatic High School to manga fans who enjoy the high school romantic comedy genre or gothic-style artwork. The first volume spent a lot of time introducing characters, so it's nice in Volume 2 we can get going with the story line!

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