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Pandora Gets Jealous (Mythic Miss-Adventures) by Carolyn Hennessy
Review by Kat Bittner
Bloomsbury Hardcover  ISBN/ITEM#: 9781599901961
Date: 26 December 2007 List Price $14.95 Amazon US / Amazon UK / Show Official Info /

Pandy is just like every other Greek girl. She has two best friends, a boy she likes, and a dad who gave fire to man. Okay, so the last one is not like everyone else. However, she can't use daddy Prometheus' liver (again) for the school's project: "The Enduring Presence of the Gods in Our Daily Life." She has to bring something really good this time or Tiresias the Younger will not notice her and the mean girls in her school will torment her even more. There is this one box she could use, but Dad said never, ever to open it. What harm could one little box do?

Apparently a lot, after the mean girls bullied her into opening the box. It was really an accident and it opened in the struggle. Silvery smoke-things came out, leaving one smoke-thing in the box. All these bad things started to happen, enough to make Caligula look like a theme park. People fighting who never fight. Volcanoes erupting.

When Zeus calls her and her family, Pandy knows what's happened is worse than going to the principal's office. And it is. Pandy has released seven evils that have hidden in different places. Unfortunately, that last smoky thing she managed to keep in the box was Hope. Which was supposed to keep people going despite all the evils she released into the world. She has six months/moons to find them. This is worse than any punishment her parents could give her.

Now Pandy is on a journey to find the seven evils, but she won't be alone. Her friends are coming along like true BFFs. Also, what else is there to do when the city is in ruins? Hera gave her a map to track down the evils, and there are other gods helping her that she doesn't know about. However, one of these gods is a betrayer and who it is is shocking. There are people rooting for Pandy to win and some hoping she'll fail. Is she up to the challenge? There are a few surprising twists.

Pandora Gets Jealous is a breezy read set in the Athenean world where gods still walked the earth. The book is the first in the Mythic Miss-Adventures series.

Like all first books, most of the story is spent introducing the characters; Pandy doesn't begin her journey until halfway into the book. Carolyn Hennesy is the Helen Felding of the Hanna Montana set, writing lighthearted chicklit where you root for the awkward-yet-charming heroine and forgive her for using one cliché after another, two best friends, mean girl bullies, unrequited teen love. What keeps this formula from being stale is the Greek myth twist. If you are rusty on your Greek myths and gods (or haven't learned them in class yet), there's a handy glossary in the back to keep you as informed as Herodotus.

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