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Kytos (Rathing Chronicles Trilogy) by John von Kesmark
Matador Paperback  ISBN/ITEM#: 9781906221966
Date: 02 April 2008 List Price £9.95 Amazon US / Amazon UK /

A self-published title sent in by Troubador/Matador - Kytos : The Dark Beyond looks to be the second title in a sequence that follows the "science of hybrid cloning gone badly wrong" disaster scenario theme. Author John von Kesmark's web site offers further background to the book including the following synopsis which, sadly, does nothing to make me want to read the novel.

"The part human, part rodent Rathings rule with an iron fist but have to rely on human civil servants to run the country and the economy, crumbling due to trade and travel embargoes imposed by the rest of the world. Humans are also regularly press-ganged into slavery. A disillusioned and altruistic Rathing General, Ströesser and a cabal of senior officers plan to overthrow the government and launch an invasion, initially into Europe, and then further afield with a view to conquering the world. Ströesser accepts the assistance of Memnon, an amoral Rathing Senator from the parallel future dimension. The Senator sends troops from the parallel future dimension whose actions swing the balance of power. (An early critique of the novel drew parallels of the political machinations taking place between the Rathings with those of the Romans and Nazis but with the added viciousness of the rat, this obviously being a strong characteristic amongst Rathings). An epic battle takes place between the government troops and rebels forces and the losing General is executed in a most barbaric manner."

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