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Abyss And Apex #26 2nd Quarter 2008
Edited by Wendy S. Delmater
Review by Sam Tomaino
Date: 30 May 2008 / Pub Info / Table of Contents /

Abyss And Apex #26 is here with stories by Andrew S. Fuller, Laura Anne Gilman, Lawrence M. Schoen, Larry Hodges and Vylar Kaftan.

The newest issue of online magazine Abyss And Apex is #26 with some well-written stories, all of which got a Very Good from me.

"One Wicker Day" by Andrew S. Fuller is an eerie tale of a future in which government men in white suits instantly take dead bodies away and give people little time to mourn. What can be done about heartless people like this?

Laura Anne Gilman's "Wolfling" takes place in a world in which the "Dragon Virus" has changed the majority of the population, giving them animal characteristics and great strength. Steven is part of a Changed family but then his sister is born "Normal." What can he do?

In "Xenosomnambuliasm" by Lawrence M. Schoen, Peter Greene has a special power to control his dreams. This is of use to the aliens called the Carlysle who have discovered that Peter is an "Opener" to "the Dreaming" and can travel between worlds. All this makes for an interesting story of alien contact.

"Ghosts of Cretaceous Park" by Larry Hodges features an evil little creep named Sam Birdle who resents that his brother Bruce owns 51% of their lucrative company and he only 49%. They've made more than a billion dollars from showing the ghost of an Albertosaurus run across the field for just over a minute. Sam decides to increase his share.

The last story is "Disarm" by Vylar Kaftan. Earth has lost a war against the alien invaders known as "tickheads." The aliens have become benevolent dictators, but Trey who fought against them was marked in some way. His friend Ryan sees a song when he looks at Trey and that's (apparently) the alien mark. How can humanity deal with its new situation?

Abyss and Apex is an online magazine with talented contributors. They fund themselves with PayPal donations. Check them out at

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