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Duainfey by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Cover Artist: Tom Kidd
Review by Gayle Surrette
Baen Hardcover  ISBN/ITEM#: 9781416555520
Date: 02 September 2008 List Price $24.00 Amazon US / Amazon UK

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Rebecca Beauvelly is considered by her family to be ruined beyond redemption. She had accepted a ride from a young man and when he lost control of his carriage she managed to stop the run away horses but the young man was killed and she sustained serious injuries that resulted in one arm being withered. Her younger, prettier sister cannot be allowed to marry until after Rebecca marries. Her father has found her a husband in Sir Jennet Hale who cared more for the dowry that would help him maintain his estate than for Rebecca. Then unexpectedly, Rebecca is introduced to Altimere of the Elder Fey and is offered another choice. But, as we all know, offers from the fey are seldom as straightforward as they may appear and Rebecca may find that her choices may not be as different as they at first appear.

From official release/information:

Product Description: Faliance is a world where there is traffic and trade between humans and Fey, elf-like beings who control powerful magic. Lord Altimere is powerful, both in influence and in magic. The former because he is the Queen's most trusted advisor—and, if his plans succeed, her consort as well. The latter because of a secret. He has abducted a human, Rebecca Beauvelley, middle child of the Earl of Barimuir. Even overlooking her withered left arm, she is not a beauty in the sight of humans, but the Fey are attracted to the auras of humans, and Rebecca's exceeds even the most comely of human auras by a factor of ten. An enchanted collar which Altimere has placed around her neck makes her unable to resist obeying his orders. And each time she has an affair, carefully arranged by Altimere, with one of the Fey, some of their magical power passes through her to Altimere. So it was until Altimere was absent from the court, and Lady Sian of Sea Edge, one of the Queen's cousins, came for a visit, discovered that Rebecca was secretly a prisoner in her own mind, and freed her of Altimere's compulsion. Unfortunately, even now that both the Queen and Lady Sian know of Lord Altimere's plot, he may be too powerful for anything but a large number of other Fey, pooling their magical power, to bring to justice—and since getting Fey to act in concert is like herding cats, the Queen will need some time to cajole and persuade enough of her allies. Iin the meantime, Rebecca must be protected from Altimere—and from herself. She is determined to return home, which cannot yet be permitted. And if she cannot go home, she is even more determined to kill herself!

(Source: Baen)

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