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Jupiter XXI: Chaldene – July 2008
Edited by Ian Redman
Cover Artist: Jesse Speak
Review by Sam Tomaino
Jupiter  ISBN/ITEM#: 1740-2069
Date: 26 June 2008

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The attractive little magazine from the UK, Jupiter is here with #21 and stories by Terry Grimwood, Gareth D. Jones, James Lecky, Christopher Lockhart and Mike Wood.

Jupiter has become one of my favorite small-press magazines. Now, we have #XXI and have reached the moon called Chaldene for the July 2008 issue.

The issue begins with "Epeius's Egg" by Terry Grimwood. When Patti visits her rich, acquisitive friend, Jemma and sees her latest possession, she is utterly enchanted by it. She must have one of these giant, singing eggs of her own. She goes into debt to get one and even her husband loves it once he hears its song. Grimwood gives us a very haunting story which ends with quite a bite!

Next up, we have the latest in Gareth D Jones' "Road" stories. This one is "Roadruler" and we are told is the penultimate one. Here, the Road has linked many towns and the Mayor of Pallas has proclaimed himself Comptroller of the Road and imposed onerous taxes. Jones gives us a look at many people on one end of the road or the other and how their lives are changing. This is all told in a breezy, fun style and makes us hungry for more. Only one more chapter? I'd like to read more!

In "Deepest Black", James Lecky presents Cayse, a Child of the Convergence. The Convergence seems to be a place outside of the world in which "a fertilized human egg" grows and is fed information to expand its consciousness a "million-fold". Cayse is on the run from total extinction for something he's done. His world is never the same afterward in this fascinating, expansive tale. "The Big Picture" by Christopher Lockhart features a lone warrior on a planet called Acheron. He has gone, and continues to go, through constant changes to defend against attacks by the enemy called Cathiri. As this nice little story develops, we learn much about the planet and our narrator.

Lastly, we have "Fred and Ginger" by Mike Wood. Chico Tavares has accepted a job in deep space that will only last, for him, two weeks. During the time he remembers an older woman from his youth that he called Freddi and a young woman from his middle-age he called Ginger. Wood gives us a beautiful tale of long-lost love.

Issue 21 is Jupiter's "5th Anniversary Issue" and editor Ian Redman has put a color wrap-around cover on it. I love the look of this magazine an its content. Back issues are available, too, from their website Start your tour of the moons of Jupiter, now!

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