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Stargate - Continuum
Review by Charles Mohapel
MGM Entertainment DVD  ISBN/ITEM#: B0017MO10U
Date: 01 August 2008 List Price $26.98 Amazon US / Amazon UK / Show Official Info /

I admit to being a major fan of both Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, so it should come as no surprise that I wholeheartedly recommend Stargate – Continuum for all the fans of the franchise. Definitely much more than an extended episode, it gives you an intriguing plot, breathtaking locations, loads of action, the return of Richard Dean Anderson, and lots of interesting and fun bonus features. Let's hope that the producers have something else in the works for us.

This Disc Contains:
Trailers for War Games: Death Code; Stargate Atlantis, Season 4; Stargate SG-1, Seasons 1-10; and Joyride 2: Dead Ahead (out in October 2008)


Special Features:
Audio Commentary with Executive Producer/Writer Brad Wright and Director Martin Wood

The Making of Stargate – Continuum

Stargate Goes to the Arctic

The Layman's Guide to Time Travel


  • Stargate: Ark of Truth
  • Fantastic Four, Season 1
  • Stargate Worlds
  • X-Files

Audio Commentary with Executive Producer/Writer Brad Wright and Director Martin Wood (On/Off during movie)
As I wrote previously for Stargate: Ark of Truth, watching the movie with Brad and Martin chatting is like being there in the screening room with them, and if it were anyone else chattering throughout the movie, you'd tell them to keep quiet. Here again, you're much better off keeping quiet and listening to them providing background and insights that only an insider would have. My recommendation is to watch the movie with the audio commentary off first, then enabling it and watching it a second time. Amazing what slipped by in the rush the first time around.

If you have a desire to shoot film or video, then watching the movie with the audio commentary on is like getting a crash course in setting up and taking some shots.

While it looks like I'm simply copying what I wrote previously, I'm doing so deliberately since the advice still applies. You really do get some of the subtle bits after a second viewing with the audio commentary switched on. This comes from carefully watching and listening to people like Brad, Martin, and Rob Cooper when they talk.

The Making of Stargate – Continuum
One of the biggest problems with continuity involved matching footage shot 200 miles north of Prudhoe Bay with footage shot indoors on a refrigerated soundstage.

Stargate Goes to the Arctic
This is a very interesting feature since you get to see what harsh conditions are present in the High Arctic without the numbing, even deadly cold. This way you get to use your imagination to fill in the details. Even Richard Dean Anderson who hails from Minnesota and knows what real winter is like had to admit that there is no cold like Arctic cold.

Knowing that HD cameras couldn't be fixed on location, the producers went back to the familiar 16mm film cameras that had already been used quite successfully in the High Arctic. However things became so cold that some of their heavy duty metal tripods which were not kept heated actually snapped from use in the cold.

All the hooches people sleep in are named after hotels in Las Vegas and I guess this is one way to try to keep "warm".

The production had to cut a crew of around 75 people down to the bare minimum of 7 and everyone including Amanda and Ben had to do all the menial chores like cooking, dishes, getting ice to melt for drinking and bathing purposes, etc.

When you board the USS Alexandria, that really is Captain Bernacchi (spelling?) and some of the sub crew that you see on camera. Director Martin Wood was informed that only the sub's captain calls for the periscope to be raised, a prerogative Wood accidentally usurped. However the captain was quickly placated when Wood let him call "Action" and "Cut". Sounds like a fair way of apologizing for his not so little faux-pas.

USS Alexandria (SSN-757) – Los Angeles Class (According to Wikipedia , "It was also used as a filming location in the JAG / NCIS universe, though it was referred to there as the fictional USS Cathedral City."

The Layman's Guide to Time Travel
Time Travel as explained by Jaymie Matthews, PH.D, O.C., a pleasant, down-to-earth astrophysicist who makes the subject comprehensible without being condescending.

Stargate: Ark of Truth
Watching this trailer made me want to grab the DVD and watch it again right away.

Fantastic Four, Season 1
A must have for fans of the animated series.

Stargate Worlds
A nice promo for the videogame.

A nice promo for the single season DVD sets for Seasons 1-9 and Mythology Volumes 1-4.

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