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The Engine's Child by Holly Phillips
Cover Artist: David Ho
Review by Harriet Klausner
Del Rey Paperback  ISBN/ITEM#: 9780345499653
Date: 25 November 2008 List Price $15.00 Amazon US / Amazon UK / Show Article /

The ocean that surrounds them is endless while their little island is a tiny oasis; land is at a premium on this mostly watery orb. However everyone knows the people's history in which ancestors were fortunate to find this pin of land amidst the water as they had to flee the catastrophe that destroyed their technological magical homeland. Over time each new generation living in increasingly over crowded conditions dream of a return to the perfect world their ancestors fled. Several myths and religions have developed about returning to the original utopia as the island can no longer sustain the populace causing food and water shortages. Factions are divided as to the remedy and civil war seems imminent especially between the two major extremist groups with opposing goals; one wants to return to the perfect homeworld and the other wants to siphon the mystical energy of this world.

From official release/information:

Product Description: Lanterns and flickering bulbs light the shadowy world of the rasnan, the island at the edge of a world-spanning ocean that harbors, in its ivory towers and mossy temples, the descendants of men and women who long ago fled a world ruined by magical and technological excess. But not all the island's inhabitants are resigned to exile. A mysterious brotherhood seeks to pry open doors that lead back to their damaged, dangerous homeland. Others risk the even greater danger of flight, seeking new lands and new freedoms in the vast, uncharted sea.

Amid a web of conspiracy and betrayal, three people threaten to shatter this fragile world. Scheming Lord Ghar, faithful to lost gods and forbidden lore, plays an intricate power game; Lady Vashmarna, an iron-willed ruler, conceals a guilty secret behind her noble façade; and Moth, a poor, irreverent novice, holds perhaps the darkest power of all: a mysterious link to a shadowy force that may prove to be humanity's final hope–or its ultimate doom.

(Source: Del Rey)

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