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WALL-E (Three-Disc Special Edition + Digital Copy) by Andrew Stanton (Director)
Review by Charles Mohapel
Date: 01 December 2008 List Price $39.99 Amazon US / Amazon UK / Show Official Info /

For many people, seeing the names Disney and Pixar together on a movie poster or in a TV promo spot is like making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich - they just go together so well and you just know you're going to enjoy the finished product.

WALL-E is just the latest in a successful line of collaborations, a fact duly noted by audiences worldwide.


    Ben Burtt ... WALL•E / M-O (voice)
    Elissa Knight ... EVE (voice)
    Jeff Garlin ... Captain (voice)
    Fred Willard ... Shelby Forthright - BnL CEO
    MacInTalk ... AUTO (voice)
    John Ratzenberger ... John (voice)
    Kathy Najimy ... Mary (voice)
    Sigourney Weaver ... Ship's Computer (voice)

When we first meet WALL-E, he comes across as a lonely soul, something you don't expect given that he is a scruffy looking little robot who has been performing the same mind numbing repetitive tasks - for the last 700 years.

With only a cute cockroach (a definite alternate reality there) as company, WALL-E spends his days sorting through garbage, finding odd bits that he sets aside to bring home at the end of his day, and compacting the rest of the garbage into large cubes which he piles higher and higher and higher. My first thought here was that one man's trash is a robot's treasure.

WALL-E's world gets turned upside down when a probe ship lands and deposits EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator), an egg-shaped white robot that is like catnip for WALL-E, a fact that makes sense to me given that he chases the red landing lights of the descending ship in a manner that reminded me of a friend's pet cat chasing a focused flashlight beam.

After surviving near misses by EVE's weaponry, WALL-E finally befriends her and things accelerate to warp speed from there.

Disc 1:
Feature Presentation

Bonus Features
This is a really hilarious short film that aired before WALL-E in the theatres.


"Animation Sound Design: Building Worlds From The Sound Up"
Legendary Sound Designer Ben Burtt shares the secrets of creating the sounds of WALL-E. Considered by most to be the father of modern day sound design Burrt has a magnificent filmography dating back to the original Star Wars in 1977. Just listening to him speak is a joy in and of itself.

Deleted Scenes
- Garbage Airlock
- Dumped
Both of the scenes are good, but listening to Director Andrew Stanton explain why they were deleted, I have to agree with him. Garbage Airlock was cut because the roles played by WALL-E and EVE worked better in the revised version. Dumped was deleted for being too clumsy and slow moving.

Audio Commentary by Director Andrew Stanton
Watching WALL-E with his commentary is like being given a personal screening, complete with expert play-by-play and analysis.

Sneak Peek:
"WALL-E's Tour Of The Universe"
This 50 second feature contains breathtaking images taken by NASA and the ESA (European Space Agency). Given how NASA and Disney are working closely and how WALL-E is serving as their spokes-robot, this comes as no big surprise.

Coming to Theaters:
Up (May 29, 2009)

Commercial for Disney Blu-ray

Coming Soon to DVD and Blu-ray:

    Pinocchio, Platinum Edition (Spring 2009)
    The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (December 2, 2008)
    The Secret of the Magic Gourd
    TinkerBell and the Lost Treasure

Disney Parks

Disc 2:
"The Imperfect Lens: Creating The Look Of WALL-E"
A wonderful 'course' in cinematography, including a chat with Roger Deakins, A.S.C., B.S.C., one of the world's foremost cinematographers and the visual consultant on this movie. For many Disney animators, this was a very enjoyable series of lessons, and would easily serve as a brief lesson for anyone who shoots home videos.

"Captain's Log: The Evolution Of Humans"

This is an interesting look back at how the plot changed over the course of the 4 years it took to make this film.

"Notes On A Score"

"Life Of A Shot: Deconstructing The Pixar Process"
Budding animators can learn a fair bit about how Pixar creates its onscreen magic.



Humans (For Film Fans)
"Behind The Scenes"

"The PIXAR Story by Leslie Iwerks" (1:28:30)
An interesting in depth back story on the history of Pixar.

"B & L Shorts (9:30)"

    - "The History of Buy N Large"
    - "Operation Cleanup"
    - "All Aboard The Axiom"
    - "Captaining The Axiom"
    - "Meet The BNL Robots"

Deleted Scenes (12:45)
- "Secret Files" (4:35)
- "Docking" (8:10)
Very rough animation and it provides insights on how their storyboards are brought to life.

Robots (For Families)
"WALL-E's Treasures & Trinkets" (4:54)

Descriptions of WALL-E, EVE, and Axiom's other robots

"Lots Of Bots" Storybook (Read Along/Play Along)
A fun feature for parents with pre-schoolers.

Disc 3:
Digital Copy

My Opinion:
If you missed seeing WALL-E on the silver screen with a theater full of laughing children from 1 to 100, or you want to watch it in the comfort of your own home, then pick up the DVD or Blu-ray right now.

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