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Jupiter XXIII: Kalyke – January 2009
Edited by Ian Redman
Cover Artist: Lee Moan
Review by Sam Tomaino
Jupiter  ISBN/ITEM#: 1740-2069
Date: 26 January 2009

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At the risk of repeating myself, I have to say once again that here is "one of my favorite little magazines". It has arrived from the UK in its distinctive brown wrapper! Jupiter is here with #23, the moon Kalyke and stories by Lee Moan, Huw Dandridge, Ian Sales, Elaine Graham-Leigh, Michael Pepper, and John Rogers.

Well, here is the familiar brown envelope and the British postage. A new issue of Jupiter has arrived! This one is #XXIII and takes the name of the moon Kalyke for the January 2009 issue.

The issue begins with "The Weight of Shadows" by Lee Moan. Ellie runs an orphanage on the planet Janus. She dearly loves the children in her care, even Kaddir, who always seems difficult. When she is warned by soldiers of an invading tribe, she stands her ground. Can she make a difference and stop the wars on this planet? This was a beautifully told story that touched me deeply.

Huw Langridge's "The Darken Loop" begins in 2052 with a woman deciding to buy a cup of coffee. The story then focuses on a man called Geek who receives a message directly into his brain. It seems to be coming from a parallel universe and wants Geek to do an important job. This was a nicely told story of alternate realities.

In "Thicker Than Water", Ian Sales brings us Major Gina Priest, a tough-as-nails commander on a moon of Saturn, trying to protect it from attackers from Titan. Over the course of this exciting story, she will learn much of her foes and herself.

"The Rule of Law" by Elaine Graham-Leigh takes place in a distant future in which Earth has a new "Roman Empire" and they have expanded into space. There are other aliens out there, too, and they are at war with each other. Marcella is in command of a Terran ship and is contacted by one of these alien races, asking for help against its enemy. But things are rapidly spinning out of control for New Rome and all of the other cultures and Marcella must make a decision that would be best for her. I liked this story, too.

We don't get details about the "Big Event" that is in the background of "Notes from the Apocalypse" by Michael Pepper. All we know is civilization has taken a big hit and most of the people are dead. Our narrator makes his way across a ruined landscape along with two other men and a ten-year-old girl named Corrina. He remembers his brother Luke, who died as they tried to flee the chaos. Can he find a safe haven for the people he is with? What he finds makes for a very effective story of redemption.

The issue concludes with a one-page story, "The Bridge of the Compass Rose" by John Rogers. An old man is brought back to the wreck of a ship he once commanded. Memories of the ship and his wife who has gone, flood through him, in this sad but beautiful story.

Issue 23 of Jupiter is another little gem! Back issues are available, too, from their website Start your tour of the moons of Jupiter, now!

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