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Apocalypse 2012: A Novel (Aztec) by Gary Jennings, Robert Gleason,  Junius Podrug
Review by Ernest Lilley
Forge Books Hardcover  ISBN/ITEM#: 0765322595
Date: 09 June 2009 List Price $25.95 Amazon US / Amazon UK / Show Article /

Cobbled together from Gary Jennings' notes by his editor Robert Gleason and writer Junius Podrug, Apocalypse 2012 is a pale shadow of Jennings earlier Aztec historical fictions. Set in the last days of Quetzalcoatl's rule in Tula, a rich and powerful city, it follows a young slave who rises to become the King's astronomer, much to the priest class' dislike, and the mission he is fated to undertake; to protect the life's work of the previous astronomer, whose codexes foretell the end of the world in 2012.

From official release/information:

Product Description:

In ancient Mexico, the "End-Time Codex"--prophesizing the world's end in 2012--is entombed. A young Aztec-Mayan slave tells us its story. 

Gifted in math and astronomy, Coyotl rises to king's counselor in Tula, a golden city of milk and honey ruled by the brilliant god-king, Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent of lore.  Gathering artists, scientists and craftsmen, this legendary ruler builds a city that will awe humanity for one thousand years.  But he also faces war, catastrophic drought, betrayal and the rise of an evil death-cult religion.  Instituting the infamous "Blood Covenant," its priests drag thousands of people a year atop temple-pyramids and rip their hearts beating from their chests.  To stop them Quetzalcoatl must defy the flames of bloody civil war.

A thousand years later scientists discover the End-Time Codex.  While struggling to decipher it, they realize their own age mirrors Tula's.  Can they crack the 2012 code and save their world from Tula's deadly fate?

(Source: Forge Books)

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