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Doctor Who: Attack of the Cybermen (Episode 138) by Directed by Matthew Robinson
Review by Charles Mohapel
BBC Video / Warner Bros. DVD  ISBN/ITEM#: B001U3ZYXY
Date: 28 July 2009 List Price $24.98 Amazon US / Amazon UK

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Following an eight month hiatus for Doctor Who following the departure of Peter Davison, Attack of the Cybermen is the second story of of the Colin Baker era (The Twin Dilemma was the first) and I was very curious to see how the story held up after more than 24 years since it originally aired in January 1985.

Doctor Who: Attack of the Cybermen
Part 1: 44:16
Part 2: 44:28

Special Features:
Audio Options: Episodes with Commentary
Commentary on Part 1 by Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, and Terry Molloy (Russell) and Part 2 by Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, and Sarah Berger (Rost). Recently recorded. At beginning of Part 2, we see the Cyberleader from the side and his armored suit looks really cheap.

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Watch the episodes with info appearing onscreen.

The Cold War (Making Of) (27:25) Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Eric Saward (Script Editor), Matthew Robinson (Director), Ian Levine (Continuity Advisor), Terry Molloy, Godfrey Johnson (Film Cameraman), and Sarah Berger all talk about the making of "Attack of the Cybermen".

The Cyber Story (22:50)
Here we learn that the Cybermen were the brainchild of Dr. Christopher Magnus Howard "Kit" Pedler, the scientific advisor for Doctor Who beginning in 1966. Alexandra Tynan (aka Sandra Reid) talks about designing the first working Cybermen costumes and the second generation costumes. Roy Skelton provided one of the Cyber voices (1992 interview). Morris Barry directed "The Moonbase" and talks about how the Cybermen were redesigned for that story but couldn't remember why in a 1992 interview. Dinah Collin, Costume Designer for "Earthshock" talks about the Cybermen being icons and how daunting it was for her to redesign them yet again. Mark Hardy, the Cyber Lieutenant in "Earthshock" mentions that the costume was very tight but it was fine since they were in the studio. In addition, they used bulky ski boot that were spray-painted silver and were very hot but otherwise comfortable. Kevin Warwick, Professor of Cybernetics at Reading University admits to being a big fan of Doctor as well as being described as the world's first cyborg. This was an excellent featurette, particularly the last segment with Kevin Warwick.

Human Cyborg (8:09)
The Cybernetic Experiments
More with Kevin Warwick talking about how he foresees Humanity as upgraded to cyborgs. I saw one experiment he conducted that I see as having great potential for blind or partially sighted people. Very interesting though I'm not particularly keen to get the upgrades myself.

Photo Gallery (8:05)
The slideshow begins with Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" played on a synthesizer.

The Cyber-Generations (7:50)
A series of still photos set to music and chronicling the Cybermen as they undergo changes beginning with "The Tenth Planet", "The Moonbase", "The Tomb of the Cybermen", "The Wheel in Space", "The Invasion", "The Revenge of the Cybermen", "Earthshock", "The Five Doctors", "Attack of the Cybermen", and concluding with "Silver Nemesis".

Trails and Continuity (3:10)
Watching the various BBC promo spots for "Attack of the Cybermen" got my adrenaline flowing a wee bit faster.

Radio Times Listings
PDF Materials - Insert into DVD drive of PC or Mac for viewing.

Coming Soon (1:06)
Coming Soon to DVD
"Image of the Fendahl" with Tom Baker and Louise Jameson (Leela).

Having begun watching Doctor Who during the Tom Baker (the 4th Doctor) years, I also watched many Jon Pertwee (the 3rd Doctor) stories and enjoyed both eras. When I heard that Colin Baker (the 6th Doctor) was replacing Peter Davison (the 5th Doctor), I immediately remembered him as the brutish Commander Maxil in the Doctor Who story "Arc of Infinity" and did not watch much of the Colin Baker era. Having viewed "Attack of the Cybermen", I see that I was wrong in that decision.

I've always enjoyed watching the Cybermen as the Villains-of-the-Week and "Attack of the Cybermen" more than lived up to my expectations.

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